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This is the archive for September 2006

Angle in MMA?!!


"In a surprising move given his health issues (but perhaps not so surprising, given his past drive athletically), former WWE champion Kurt Angle is preparing and gearing up to compete in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, according to a number of sources.

Angle, who was released by World Wrestling Entertainment, has not had any contact with the company since the week of his release, after the company released a text message noting that Angle was in a bad emotional state following the meeting that led to his release.

Angle's manager, Dave Hawk, has contacted a number of media outlets in recent days, touting that Angle would make his MMA debut in 2007 and was in discussions with a number of MMA groups. Angle recently conducted an interview with MMA magazine Real Fighter as well, pushing his interests in competing in MMA."

Kurt, for the love of God, stop trying to commit career and actual suicide. Sit your ass at home and stay off TV. We don't want a situation like Ted DiBiase's father, man.

How to Kill a Company, the Yakuza Way

Let's say that you've developed of the most sucessful MMA promotions by copying off the father of MMA promotions, the UFC. You manage to lure away some of the UFC talent. You even get a few floaters there. Let's say your Don Frye, Ken Shamrock, maybe a Dan Severn. Then you put it in front of a frenzied Japanese crowd that's nuts over hentai, bukkake and hardcore guro violence.

Dream Stage Entertainment, Inc. did just that. They knew their culture had enough sick fucks to justify making a company that glorified violence, unlike their gaijin counterparts in America, who were starting to clamp down on the MMA world thanks to a few irresponsible government hacks. Yes, I'm looking at you, Sen. McCain and Sen. Kennedy. Also with pressure from the overtly-crooked boxing factions, and MMA in America was taking a dive for the worse.

So, in 1997, PRIDE Fighting Championships were off and running, with their first show ever in the glorious Tokyo Dome. While it produced some of the best fighting and fighters ever, it produced a lot of something else. The stench of the Yakuza...