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This is the archive for September 2006

Fight the Power!

Check it out, gang. Orioles fans are rightfully mad about the team’s terrible and evil owner Peter Angelos, and they’re going to do something about it. More power to them, I say. That’s why I’m spreading the word.

I love stuff like this. I love when passionate fans get together to do something about the state of their favorite blowful franchise. I love the “Fire Millen!” and “Fire Thomas!” chants from Lions and Knicks fans, I love wearing a paper bag over your head. I love the “Ain’ts” and the “0 for Life” guy Luis uses as an avatar.

Get mad and show the world you’re mad in the biggest way possible. This protest, with march and organized mass exodus timed just in time to get on the 6:00 news (and SportsCenter), hopefully will be the thing to revitalize a secondary franchise.

I still don’t like Boston fans, though. Seriously, you characterize your team as the underdogs when you’re the second biggest spending franchise in baseball? Get real. Stop all the whining, douche out the crust, and consider yourselves lucky you’re not Kansas City.

The Bird is the Word

Somewhere, Francisco Liriano is sitting in the office of an arthroscopic surgeon, wondering just who in the hell Mark Fidrych is and why everyone keeps comparing the two of them.

Anibal Sanchez is actually male, with a no-hitter AND a penis.

So for the first time since Randy Johnson did it in 2004 (6,364 games ago), baseball has another no-hitter, thrown by a 22-year-old rookie Venezuelan named Anibal Sanchez, who is actually not dirty and definitely not a girl (despite his misleading name). Check out the line, gang, and tell me you're not impressed by this 2-0 victory for Florida.

A Sanchez (W, 7-2) 9.0 0 0 0 4 6 0 103-67 2.89

I mean granted, this was against the Arizona Diamondbacks, but they still technically count as a major league team. Even more impressive, the team that won the game has spent roughly $15 million dollars in payroll this year (about what Alex Rodriguez spends on a good poker night) on a team of rookies, retreads, and Miguel Cabrera. This win puts Florida one game over .500, within a game and a half of the wild card. They've gone from 20 games under .500 to one game over .500, which has never happened before.

While I'm not a baseball fan most of the time, I do love a team like Florida that succeeds in spite of all odds and you gotta love a guy like Joe Girardi who goes out there and wins in spite of all expectations. I mean, come on, this is Florida. There are AAA teams with larger payrolls. You keep on 'em, Skipper, and I'll keep pulling for you.