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This is the archive for September 2006

Dear Coach Weis,

It's bad enough that you almost lost to Georgia Tech. You gave the Irish hope when you beat Old Man Winter himself, JoePa, in your yard. However, next time, don't listen to douchebags like this...

...when making a game plan against the Wolverines. Like the saying goes, "You don't send Irishmen against Wolverines. It ends badly..."

Remember, Chuck, a 47 to 21 loss doesn't get you to the pay window, it gets you the same fate as Doug Williams. FIRED.

Welcome to Bizarro World

Well, for all the talk I've muttered since the Hurricanes got walloped by Florida State, the official downfall of Miami is complete. How do I know this?

#17 Miami (FL) - 7
#12 Louisville - 31

That's how I know it. Nevermind the fact that they lost to a FSU team that's proving to be highly overrated (since they didn't look good beating Miami and got beaten today by Baylor in the Bowden Bowl), the Miami Hurricanes lost to a University of Louisville squad that was missing both its primary running back (in Michael Bush, out for the season with a broken leg) and its quarterback, Brian Brohm, who left in the third quarter with strained ligaments in his thumb.

Not only did Miami lose, they lost big. Hunter Cantwell, U of L's backup quarterback, was 3/4 for 113 yards and a touchdown against the much-vaunted Miami D. As it turns out, Miami's defense sucks as much as their offense, and it took the firepower of Bobby Petrino's Cards to expose what Bobby Bowden's mediocre FSU team couldn't. Neither team looked good last week, and both FSU and Miami proved that they aren't good this week.

Kudos to them for proving me right. Man, I'm one prognosticatin' motherfucker.

Class versus Ass

Notre Dame vs. Penn State is how college football is supposed to look. Open-air stadium, stripes in the endzone, nameless jerseys, not a single piece of astroturf to be seen, and gorgeous uniforms. The blue and gold of the Irish versus the white and navy of State College just gives this matchup the look that I want my college football to have. It's got some visual appeal to it, and the football was spectacular, if you're an Irish fan like myself.

Let's compare, shall we? A simple football education for you folks at home concerning aesthetics. You guys tell me what looks better.
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Storm warning for Larry Coker

You know, there’s one thing that’s stuck with me after watching the Miami and Florida State game Monday, and that’s the belief that this Miami squad, and indeed all Larry Coker’s squads since the national championship season in 2001, are no longer elite teams. You know a 53-9 record over six seasons surely is a sign of a program in decline, but what is the reason behind the sudden lack of quality in the Miami Hurricanes football program?

Before you rush out and start, allow me to pin the blame where Miami’s sudden suck comes from, and it’s not the coach. That’s right, it’s the players. More specifically, it’s the quality of players the program is currently getting. They’re lacking something, this new breed of Hurricane, and that something is a serious criminal record.

Buffalo -- the other white meat.

While most college football fans are getting ready for the Texas v. Ohio State as the most exciting football game of the week, I on the other hand will be looking forward to the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Mile High Stadium at Invesco Field this weekend in Denver, Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain Showdown, for those un-familiar with a great in-state rivalry, pits the Colorado State Rams against the Colorado Buffalos. And as almost any Coloradoan knows -- this rivalry goes deep as you only root for one school. You pick one team or the other. You can't kill your prostitue and pimp her out too. While Colorado State fans had to suffer the past few years with the game being held on another planet, known as Boulder, they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the game is back on neutral territory. ((How many blondes does it take to screw the Colorado Buffaloes? Just one -- Rick Neuheisel.))

Why will this be the most exciting game of the week? Because nothing beats a good old-fashioned in-state rivalry, because a win gives you bragging rights over your friends, enemies and sometimes even your family. These rivalries encompass all sports and any forms of competitions between these two schools. At the games, they leave you cheering to the last minute, you don't abandon your team when they're losing -- you fight for them until the end. And the most beautiful thing about instate rivalries is that why one team may dominate the series – there is always the chance for the underdog to emerge triumphant. Plus for many of the players on both Colorado State Rams and the CU Buffalos -- Saturday's game will be one of the only times these players get to play in an NFL stadium and in front of a sold-out crowd.

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Wide right... or maybe not!

Since everyone’s doing their introductions, and I didn’t do mine in the opening post of this bitch, my name is Ron. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, and I devour sports like Paris Hilton devours cock or Kate Moss devours cocaine. I’m the guy in charge here, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit on my ass and let my talented crew of misfits do all the blogging. I lead by example.

I love UK basketball, college football in all shapes and forms, pro football in most of its shapes and forms, hockey, and even fucking soccer. However, my first love, my true love, my only relationship that matters is my relationship with boxing, but instead of rehasing Samuel Peter vs. James Toney, let’s talk football.