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This is the archive for September 2006

You tell it, brother!

This is probably one of the best things I've seen in quite awhile. This guy is a natural-born SportsBastard!

And the Chase is set.

Much to Tony Stewart's own surprise -- he won't be in that chase for the championship. For the first time in Smoke's career he won't be in the top ten in drivers. And this writer is absolutely estatic about it.

Now, we could follow Tony's example and say that Tony just didn't get it done. That the other ten drivers are just better. But that wouldn't be one hundred percent correct. The truth is that Karma just finally caught up with Tony Stewart and as he stood there on pit lane being interviewed following the race it was tears of sadness, not joy, that Tony was wiping away.

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Fixing the Chase

I suppose, I'll follow suit and provide a little introduction before I dive into my subject matter of choice. You can call me Jaime Sue. I don't claim to be God or even Queen of the Universe. But I am a highly opinionated daddy's girl. As a result, I love sports. NASCAR, Hockey, Football and Bull Riding are my favorites. But I do love them all, with the exception being Professional Basketball. You will never hear me discuss that topic, unless it's on a rant on how much I hate it. I bring the little bit of bitch into the group of bastards here. But enough about me and instead, let’s focus on NASCAR.

As there is one race left until the field is set for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Chase for the championship, I'm visiting the topic of how to fix the chase.
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