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This is the archive for September 2006

The best time of year

This post may go in lots of different directions, but pretend to follow and I'll reward you with a cookie. It's called a tangent. Enjoy it!

I consider myself a sports fan, as most of the bloggers and readers here would consider themselves. But let me tell you what I love about sports. I love rivalries, I love speed, I love it hard and I love it when there's the possibility of pain and I love it even more when there is pain.

This is why I love NASCAR, hockey, football, bull riding, rugby, and lacrosse, and why I'm not as huge of a fan of say... basketball, baseball, and tennis. Sure, there are non-contact sports I enjoy, but I'd never choose to watch a non-contact sport over a contact one.

This is why that I'm thrilled to be watching preseason hockey. You're probably going.. “Oh, preseason.” But to me, it's “YES! PRESEASON!” as evident by tonight's preseason game between the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings.

What a great preseason game. They don't go easy on one another. In fact, this is the second preseason game thus far between the two teams that has ended in an overtime win by my Colorado Avalanche. For those of you who don't thnk preseason games matter I think the players and fans would be prone to disagree. While it may not count towards the greatest of all hockey rewards, the Stanley Cup, it matters for pride. Tthat's why players don't hold back their emotions in these preseason games and they have at one another, dropped their gloves and throwing a few good punches.

So, look forward to one of the greatest times of year to be a sports fan. You have hockey, football (pro and college), NASCAR and PBR. Even for those who are not fans of those sports, you also have baseball, golf and much more.

So, cheer up, gear up, and get ready to be a sports fan.