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This is the archive for October 2006

The next entrants into the PANTHEON OF BADASSERY!

Previously in our Pantheon, Ronald honored the gutsy son of Phil Simms. Chris Simms etched his way into the Pantheon by playing through a game not realizing that his spleen has ruptured and failed. He ended up leaving that game needing a blood transfusion. Now that we have our bust of Mr. Simms, it's time to add a new entrant. However, this time I'm adding two entrants. These men are from two SEC teams. One from Auburn. The other from U of Georgia.

Quarterback Brandon Cox and Defensive Tackle Dale Dixson are beasts on the college football field. Cox might be on an 6-1 Auburn team that lost to Arkansas, but the score doesn't matter to him. Being upright is all that matters.

Dale Dixson also shares this thought. He's in an even worse position to be in. Dale is the starting Nose Tackle on a fierce UGA defense that's going 5-2 this season. Although his UGA Bulldogs lost a couple of heartbreakers to the TN duos of UT and Vanderbilt, the score doesn't matter to him at the end of the day.

So, you ask, why doesn't the score matter to either man, because they've been playing a life or death game before they even thought about getting into college...