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This is the archive for October 2006

The What, The Who Cares And The Why?

Don't look now, but there's a Knight looming on the BCS horizon looking to crash things. That's right, Rutgers, perennial laughingstock of college football back east not named Temple are undefeated and #12 in the Beyond Complicated Standings which will determine who gets to spend the 8th of January playing for the National Title. Who saw this coming?

I mean, seriously, who? I sure as hell didn't and I'm as Jersey as they come. But alas, a week from Thursday night, they'll be squaring off with Louisville who COULD be in the Top 5 if it can hold off #3 WVU this Thursday will face the Scarlet Knights next Thursday night for what might be for the Big East Title and a BCS bid. Ray Rice is garnering national attention at tailback, Brian Leonard's a serious force at fullback and the D is one of the best if not THE BEST in the conference. Don't laugh, but Rutgers COULD run the table if folks continue to overlook them. As for the 'Who Cares' part of my rant, why that's quite simply talking...

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Let's go all around.

Normally, Miss Jaime Sue would be getting this, but I've been slacking, and the poor girl isn't feeling too well lately. So, I've got it for her. I won't have her charm, but you didn't expect that from me, now did you?

Ron's favorite punter, Todd "Resisting Arrest" Sauerbrun no longer has a job with the Broncos. After Todd's run ins with a four game suspension on using Romo's favorite dietary supplements, he loses his job to a 2 year player named Paul Ernster. Good luck finding a team that'll be suited to your criminal talents. Trying to shank Cincinattica's punter might get you shanked, Todd.

Steve Lyons falls into the same bread line that Todd's in. Only Steve went off the deep end and insulted my heritage by making a crack to Lou Pinella about wallet stealing. So long, Psycho. You sucked in everything you do. Now only if you'd take "Douchebag" Joe Buck and Tim "The Memphis Blowhard" McCarver with you.

Jerry Porter's gold fronted mouth finally wrote a check that his overpaid ass can't cash. Al finally lost it and gave Porter the T.O. vacation for the next month. In other news, nobody wants Porter. Not even the Titans or Houston. Both teams decided they sucked enough with the thugs they do have without adding another leech. Personally, after parking in the old man's spot, I'm suprised they didn't already let him go or be Al's manservant...

Finally, I think I found Ron's dream woman. There's a show on ESPN called, "Get Wild with Cindy Garrison." Basically this woman that's pretty much pretty damn hot is going around the world hunting dangerous game. As you see, Cindy's story here. C'mon, Ron. Jump on that. She's blonde, hot, and has enough guns to make you jizz.

That's all I've got. Hopefully, I won't do this again, but you never know...