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This is the archive for October 2006

The ARCA Fight Revisited

I know you've all seen this video, probably more than once, but it really bears repeating as many times as it can be repeated. This is an affair of sheer brilliance from step 1 to the very end. Really, it's a comedy of errors.

First, he thinks he can do a flying dropkick through the window of a fucking NASCAR-level vehicle (which leads directly to my favorite part, him landing squarely on his assbone. Then he takes off his helmet and tries to hit another guy (wearing full safety gear) in the face with it, as if his helmet was somehow stronger than the other guy's headgear. Everything after that is kind of icing on the sumo-waddling cake.

Michael Simko and Don St. Denis, everybody! Let's hope they haven't bred and never will.