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This is the archive for October 2006

HEY GUYS! I have an idea on where to hide...

Yesterday on the ESPN Ticker, they told the real story of the Chrysler Championship. Two juvenile recipients of the "DE DE DE" awards decided the best place to hide was at the Chrysler Championship. Little did anyone tell these dumb shits that with that many white folks in one gathering, there's going to be... get this... MORE COPS!

The sad part is I told this whole story to my mother and she asked where Tiger was to regulate. Of course, Eldrich decided to take the week off from dominance (I hear Ron dying a little more as I type this). And our Robbing Hoods ran through the series of Brian Gay.

If you really give a shit about the tourney, K.J. Choi is winning. If you bothered to read the wiki, you would see that Brian shares something in common with A-Rod and McNabb, they all choke in the big one.

Well, at least Brian can tell his grandchildren he got to see something they never will. Two punkasses not getting read their Miranda Rights. And who says the PGA is boring?