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This is the archive for November 2006

A New Rule: This week, this former soldier will never forget his brothers...

This past week, the anniversary of one of the bloodiest ambushes in history was remembered.

My father was a Vietnam-era medic in the midst of this carnage. He saw the aftermath of the 8th. He was one of the Medics that had to try to finish what SPC 6 Joel couldn't that day. He didn't know the man in this story, personally, but he knew too many like him.

The Sarge (My father) put into my older brother and I a sense of honor that most wouldn't understand unless you too were a soldier. Take a shot for my dad and his brothers, and for all of my brothers still serving. And take another for all the 173rd Airborne who aren't here with us on Earth, but with God.

Carry on, gentlemen.

New Rules for November 1, 2006

Alright, now we have constant whiners in the sports world, and the Critic knows what that's about. I'm not linking the site, either. Lord knows we don't need to give them any free hits.

New Rules time!

Like I stated in my Bizzaro Column, the Reggie Ray Counter needs to be above Ben the Bumpkin at all times.

Much like Len, I'm wondering what the hell is going on in the Big East. Oh, wait. I know. The ACC sucks. The PAC-10 sucks. And the SEC teams have lost a game. Don't count out that ugly bastard, Owen Schmitt. He's big, ugly, gets yards, and injures defensive players who fuck with him. You think that Pat White or Steve Slayton can do it all?

On the Scmitt note, anyone who can get me his jersey within this month for my birthday (late or not), will get... Name it, within reason. I'm a college student, so I'm poor.

I'm wondering if Ben the Bumpkin isn't the only brain-damaged member of the Steelers. I'm leaning towards Bill being that way, too.

For once in my existence, here's why I agree with Sean Salisbury. To those who are wondering, Finesse gets crushed by Physical. The Colts lose the big postseason games because they're a pussy finesse team. Teams like the Bears and the Ravens win because they're nasty.

Shawne "Roided Out" Merriman decided to have more brains than his player's union. Let's hope this trend stays.

Bart Scott needs to do like his fellow Ravens. Choose a gimmick. Ray's an attempted murderer. Jamal's a druggie. McNair is a drunk. I think Bart should do the Black Romo, just for kicks.

Speaking of a Romo, let's talk about the one who's actually doing something worthwhile. Tony Romo is still going to be the starter for the Cowboys, which now brings an unflattering light to Shanny. If you read the link, Romo and Shanny have a lot in common. Both started at Northern Illinois. C'mon, Mike. We all know Jake sucks, time for you to figure it out.

The NBA started last night, and we saw the new look Bulls kill Shaq and the SuperHeat. However, nobody brought a gun to dispute this.

Yes, Mark Cuban. Stern the Geek hates you, and I do too. However, keep the act going! You are somewhat more entertaining that half the fuckers on Page 2 or Can't Stop the Bleeding.

Attention G's, Kobe isn't going to win it. Shaq's done. Isiah is going to kill the Knicks eventually. Go with your sure bets. Everyone but LeBron.

Is it just me or is Chris Kaman even more scary than half of his Clippers teammates? Yes, he is.

Baseball is over, so no more Pete for at least a month.

If anyone wants to know my stance on the Harold Reynolds vs. ESPN suit. I've got my TEAM HR shirt in the mail right now. It's going to be in the same package as my "Barry Takes It In The Ass" shirt.

By the way, anytime that Booty gets beat by Beavers is a good thing.

That's all I have, and remember, support your local single moms.