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This is the archive for November 2006

Hey Lucifer, pay the heat bill yet?

For once, I share the same opinion with Scoop Jackson. Scoop actually provided an article about something that isn't racially involved. In fact, he talks about one place that needs to be recognized. If not so much for the players, just for the impact. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, maybe you need a history lesson on the little park located on 155th and 8th Avenue, just off of Frederick Douglass Boulevard, in New York City. The World Famous Rucker Park.

What's so significant about the Park? Apparently, you don't watch our recent NBA much, do you? Rucker Park made or broke the NBA's finest. If you don't believe it, then why did Dr. J and Wilt the Stilt decide to make at least a once a year trip to NYC? Everybody who was anybody in the basketball world came there.

The main part of the attraction to Rucker Park if you go is the Entertainers Basketball Classic. In the middle of the NBA offseason, most of the NBA stars try to win this tournament each year. But enough about the Park.

What Scoop wants is something I think should happen. The induction of the man who made the park. Holcombe Rucker decided to build the park to take away the sting of losing the Polo Grounds. From the loss of the Dodgers comes a new tradition, as they say. Rucker provided the largest streetball proving ground for all who considerin themselves a "baller."

Right now, the Rucker family is trying to get his name mentioned to the Basketball HOF committee. Hopefully, they listen. Because where would the NBA and basketball even be without Holcombe Rucker's legacy? Black, White, Cuban, Asian, all have played there. It's time the HOF recognizes that without Rucker, nobody would watch basketball.

Without Rucker, you wouldn't even have seen Ron's posts below. Do the right thing, Basketball HOF committee.

Another Bitching Twat Bites the Dust.

The 'Sheed Rule strikes another person.

Good ol' Carmelo Anthony loses his cool while the Nuggets lose the game.

The other shocker is the fact that the Clippers don't suck...

Anyhow, much like 'Sheed, Melo got thrown out at the start of the 3rd quarter after two fouls and two complaints about said fouls.

Unlike Sheed's maturity and bald spot, Melo left the game like a spoiled hood rat and threw his jersey while throwing a temper tantrum. What class and skill.

In other news, Mike Bibby from the Sacramento Queens was ejected, but without the tantrum that Melo threw. Of course, Mike didn't get dropped in the draft by the arrival of LeHype and D-Wade, either.

Regardless of whatever Melo does to compensate for his snub and possible shortcomings, the rule still stands.

I guess tonight we'll see who's next.

There's no crying in basketball!

Rasheed Wallace is the first victim of the NBA’s new “Rasheed Wallace Rule,” which prevents players from bitching, moaning, kvetching, and otherwise grousing at the officials.

I’ll be honest, I was quite surprised at this.

I mean, everyone knew ‘sheed would be the first guy to get thrown out of a game for being a crybaby; that part was expected. He does own the league record for technical fouls in a season (41) for a reason, gang.

What surprised me is that Rasheed didn’t get thrown out of the game until the third quarter! That’s two whole quarters longer than I thought he’d last under the new rules that only allow WNBA players to whine during their period… uhh, period and keep the men from crying entirely.

That displays a level of maturity his bald spot only suggested in years previous, so good for him. Looks like our little Pouty Wallace is growing up into a big, angry, balding man with a baby Afro and a headband.

Plus, with the new rules in place, Rasheed is on pace to shatter his own record for technical fouls in a year and about to set a new record for most dollars fined, even if his team did look terrible in their first game of the season. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.