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This is the archive for November 2006

The ultimate white-guy dunk

Check that out! You see them do it in movies, but now you've seen someone do it in real life. Well, kinda real life.

In other news, white people can dunk. Rex Chapman could, Brent Barry could, and Henry Bekkering can. Who the fuck is Henry Bekkering?

He's a 6'5 245lb forward for Eastern Washington University, and the most ferocious white dunker in college basketball these days. The best part? The boy is Canadian. That's right, he's from Hockeyland, America's little brother.

Video proof lies, as always, below the cut.

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Rock, Choke, Jayhawk.

One of the best things about the Bill Self era for Kansas Jayhawks is that, instead of waiting until the Sweet Sixteen to get blown out of the NCAA tournament, they save us all the trouble of waiting for the inevitable by losing in the first round. Of course that kills a lot of brackets, but not mine, because I never believe in the Kansas hype and never have them getting past the Sweet Sixteen anyway.

Another Kansas tradition put on the fast track under Bill Self is the Kansas tradition of losing to unheralded, unranked, and generally unworthy opponents who the highly ranked Jayhawks are supposed to defeat. This year, #3 Kansas didn’t want to wait until January to lose to a crappy opponent, choosing instead to beat the rush and drop the second game of the young season to traditional basketball powerhouse Oral Roberts University.

Yes, THAT Oral Roberts University. The Mid-Continent Conference powerhouse program that, like Kansas, got run out of the NCAA tournament in the first round last year. How’d Oral pull that one off?

A desperation heave?

Last second heroics?

Nope. The Golden Eagles won in classic underdog style: three point bombs. Oral Roberts hit 11 21 trifectas, lead by G/F Marchello Vealy 7 8 shooting from long range. Kansas, in true Kansas style, couldn’t respond and watched as the Eagles cruised to a 7 point victory.

As it turns out, being a McDonald’s All American requires basketball skill, but absolutely no heart. But, uh… nice recruiting season, Bill. Shame they got out-hustled by a team they should’ve driven into the ground like a railroad spike.