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This is the archive for January 2007

International Men And Women of Bastardry

Alright, we've got a confession to make. We need international writers. Why, you ask? It's as simple as such, we've got a small international viewer base. In fact, it's not a bad base at all.

So, Ron and I have the same drunken thought. Since we can't get all of the UEFA Champions League or the Barclays Premiership in America, why not ask for help.? While we're at it, a person who knows Union or League Rugby wouldn't be bad, either. How about a person to cover Australian-Rules Football?

So, we ask you the International Men and Women of Bastardry, can you help?

We need:

- A knowledgeable fan with Euro/International Soccer news and parody.
- A knowledgeable fan with Rugby news and parody.
- A knowledgeable fan with Aussie rules football news and parody.

Be aware that you're going to introduce Americans to sports that they don't understand. You're going to have a tough sell, to be honest.

Here's the other part, there's no pay involved. We're sports fans. We're doing this for the fun of it, really.

Think you're bastard enough for it? Write up a sample of your work. Note: We check for copied work, so don't pull a CSTB stunt. Then contact or with your stuff. Of course, we need a way to contact you, hopefully via AIM or MSN. If you don't have one, don't worry, just tell us you don't have it. It won't kill you.

Disclaimer: Any hate mail will be laughed at, and posted at our own amusement as we make fun of it.

Money Talks...BS Runs The Marathon.

Nino Brown says this in New Jack City only moments before this guy who's
dangling from the side of a bridge is let go. The Pats in this case and in all cases until Belichick retires or whatever, are money. Everyone else can go ahead and run the marathon. People hate the Patriots for various
reasons and me as a Jets fan, I hate em' twice a year by obligation. But other than that, I like em' and always have because of their uniforms. From the Patriot on the helmet in the three point stance [second best throwback behind SD's powder blues with the yellow bolt] to the 90s one with the head on the shoulder pads, I've always been a quiet Patriot mark. But what I saw on Sunday, was arguably hands down one of the worst Brady performances ever. It was Tomlinson's best and in spite of what everyone's said, putting this on Marty and the belongs somewhere else...for now. How's about the leg of the kicker who so totally schtoinked the game tying kick, Nick Fading Faster Than Paris's Music Career? Now, I'll be the first to admit, Marty challenging the damn
fumble that was ranks right up there with Bush telling the world that 20,000 more troops in Iraq will procure victory in phase 3439705 of the War on Drugs, err Terrorism [same difference]. You know it's wrong, they know it's wrong, but they don't wanna admit that it's wrong. All told if you're a Chargers fan, here's why you can be optimistic about next year.

A) Rivers didn't implode. Your kicker did.
B) You've got a sound offensive nucleus in place, ditto on the defensive side. But special teams is well...special. Short, yellow school bus type of

That's all. But...there are a few points of contention here I need to touch on.
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