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This is the archive for October 2008

Jersey's NBA Preview Circa 1986 Baby!

First off, I'm back. Miss me? Secondly, the Buckeyes are who we thought they were! So stop with the BCS hates us crap, because they've got two losses and are officially done in the national title hunt. (I'll explain that in full in another column.) Alright, it's that time of the year. We're only hours away from tipoff of the NBA season and that means one thing. No, it's not time for Knick fans to start calling for Isiah's head. He's already gone. No Cav fans, it's not QUITE time to burn LeBron an effigy for being the latest in a long line of Cleveland talent to win big elsewhere. (That'll come in about two years time, be patient.) It's time for Len Jersey's NBA preview. In keeping up with the spirit of evolution and the like, here's how this is gonna go this year. First off, I'm not breaking down divisions, because some of them (like the Central and Atlantic which are glorified two team races) aren't worth the time and trouble. On top of that, you can go to any other site and check that shit out. That takes way too much time and too much energy for teams I really don't care about. Secondly, more than half of those teams will be out of the running for a playoff spot by the end of business tonight. For those who really feel like putting up a fight, they'll be done by Saturday. Or by the time we turn our clocks back on Sunday morning. So, last year I was dead on about Dallas being pretenders. God, I really don't like those guys, especially now that they have Coach Killin' Kidd on their roster. Have fun wasting away what's left of your career on a playoff doormat, since Dirk's no better than his music idol. :P Anyway, here's how we're doing it this year....

Rosie Grier, Part 1

While we nominate just about everyone that mans/womans up into this place...

There isn't anything we can write to do Rosie Grier justice, so we'll give you his interview links in three parts, as the series comes out.

It's not laziness, more like, history all of you young NFL fans need to know about one of the premier leaders of the Fearsome Foursome.

Part 1 of the Rosie Grier Series


Bullshit Championship Series Time

So, the BCS has come out for all to digest. Hope you folks have the Rolaids and Tums ready, because this gets a bit hard to swallow after number 3.

Now, it's always been universally known that some pencil necked geek or some fat fuck is sitting in front of the computer around Myles Brand's dungeon at NCAA HQ. In fact, it's pretty much who you curse when you decide to curse the system and want to switch to a playoff system. Or at least hope that Bob Knight does the right thing and chokes the old fuck for firing him at Indiana...

So, here's the top four colleges for the major two bowls, so far. And another reason we might be considering a playoff. The NAIA does it. Why can't you, NCAA?

Does He Get Credit For The Tackle?

Now, do I completely understand why the ref didn't just run out of the way? No. I mean, that's what I would've done if it were me, if only because I would be a ref and not wearing pads. Still, you have to give the old guy credit for throwing a pretty good Too Tall Jones forearm shiver, and you have to take away credit for Garcia staggering from a hit by an old guy with no pads on who isn't even running directly at him.

Man up, junior! Put your head down and run that ref the fuck over!

Are you ready for some college football?!!

It's Rich with a non-cast related post?!! Yes, it's true. I'm still the damned associate editor-in-chief, people.

So, let's get to an important week in NCAA Bullshit Championship Series. And see which teams are who they thought they were.

As you know from the 'Cast. And if you don't know. FUCKING LISTEN TO IT! You'll laugh, and it's better than others who're rippin' our shit. *cough*KSKDrewMagaryandMMP*cough*

Okay, college football after the jump!

Episode 4

Episode 4 with new Stat Girl, Kris.

Edit: Kris's dream date...

Jay the Joke

See as she has to suffer with Rich and Ron on her first episode.

Edit from Rich:

Comments, unborked. SQL is working, people. Carry on.

Hockey Fans Can Also Be Fun

The Pregnant Ref

If anyone knows anything about this game, let me know in the comments. This is awesome signage at work.

Image: Eat Liver

H/T: Newscoma

Sarah Palin Gets Booed in Philly; Joins Santa Claus in Exclusive Club

Well, I'm completely unsurprised. Jesus could've dropped that first puck and someone still would've chucked a battery at his head in Philly. Philadelphia hates everyone, especially Donovan McNabb.

Episode 3

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New shortie coming soon, but working out what it's about.

Listen, comment, and ask how Ron and I were even able to function in our bad states.

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Kimbo Slice Is Done

Now that Kimbo Slice is officially a complete and total joke, can we now move on to real fighters please? He should've lost his last fight versus James Thompson on May 31, and now he officially got knocked the fuck out by a guy nobody's ever heard of (Seth Petruzelli). A toe kick, a right hand, and then Kimbo's donezo.

Good riddance, you pathetic excuse for a fighter. You can't even make it one round without gasping for breath, Kimberly. Maybe you should lay off the steroids and run on the treadmill for a little bit, assuming you ever fight again after this.

Aside: This is also kind of the kiss of death for Elite XC, too. They're bleeding money like crazy, and their only draw not named Gina Carano getting knocked out is bad for business. That's why they protected him versus Thompson. Now? Buh-bye.