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This is the archive for October 2008

Jersey's NBA Preview Circa 1986 Baby!

First off, I'm back. Miss me? Secondly, the Buckeyes are who we thought they were! So stop with the BCS hates us crap, because they've got two losses and are officially done in the national title hunt. (I'll explain that in full in another column.) Alright, it's that time of the year. We're only hours away from tipoff of the NBA season and that means one thing. No, it's not time for Knick fans to start calling for Isiah's head. He's already gone. No Cav fans, it's not QUITE time to burn LeBron an effigy for being the latest in a long line of Cleveland talent to win big elsewhere. (That'll come in about two years time, be patient.) It's time for Len Jersey's NBA preview. In keeping up with the spirit of evolution and the like, here's how this is gonna go this year. First off, I'm not breaking down divisions, because some of them (like the Central and Atlantic which are glorified two team races) aren't worth the time and trouble. On top of that, you can go to any other site and check that shit out. That takes way too much time and too much energy for teams I really don't care about. Secondly, more than half of those teams will be out of the running for a playoff spot by the end of business tonight. For those who really feel like putting up a fight, they'll be done by Saturday. Or by the time we turn our clocks back on Sunday morning. So, last year I was dead on about Dallas being pretenders. God, I really don't like those guys, especially now that they have Coach Killin' Kidd on their roster. Have fun wasting away what's left of your career on a playoff doormat, since Dirk's no better than his music idol. :P Anyway, here's how we're doing it this year....

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