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This is the archive for October 2008

Bullshit Championship Series Time

So, the BCS has come out for all to digest. Hope you folks have the Rolaids and Tums ready, because this gets a bit hard to swallow after number 3.

Now, it's always been universally known that some pencil necked geek or some fat fuck is sitting in front of the computer around Myles Brand's dungeon at NCAA HQ. In fact, it's pretty much who you curse when you decide to curse the system and want to switch to a playoff system. Or at least hope that Bob Knight does the right thing and chokes the old fuck for firing him at Indiana...

So, here's the top four colleges for the major two bowls, so far. And another reason we might be considering a playoff. The NAIA does it. Why can't you, NCAA?

Does He Get Credit For The Tackle?

Now, do I completely understand why the ref didn't just run out of the way? No. I mean, that's what I would've done if it were me, if only because I would be a ref and not wearing pads. Still, you have to give the old guy credit for throwing a pretty good Too Tall Jones forearm shiver, and you have to take away credit for Garcia staggering from a hit by an old guy with no pads on who isn't even running directly at him.

Man up, junior! Put your head down and run that ref the fuck over!

Are you ready for some college football?!!

It's Rich with a non-cast related post?!! Yes, it's true. I'm still the damned associate editor-in-chief, people.

So, let's get to an important week in NCAA Bullshit Championship Series. And see which teams are who they thought they were.

As you know from the 'Cast. And if you don't know. FUCKING LISTEN TO IT! You'll laugh, and it's better than others who're rippin' our shit. *cough*KSKDrewMagaryandMMP*cough*

Okay, college football after the jump!