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This is the archive for October 2008

Kimbo Slice Is Done

Now that Kimbo Slice is officially a complete and total joke, can we now move on to real fighters please? He should've lost his last fight versus James Thompson on May 31, and now he officially got knocked the fuck out by a guy nobody's ever heard of (Seth Petruzelli). A toe kick, a right hand, and then Kimbo's donezo.

Good riddance, you pathetic excuse for a fighter. You can't even make it one round without gasping for breath, Kimberly. Maybe you should lay off the steroids and run on the treadmill for a little bit, assuming you ever fight again after this.

Aside: This is also kind of the kiss of death for Elite XC, too. They're bleeding money like crazy, and their only draw not named Gina Carano getting knocked out is bad for business. That's why they protected him versus Thompson. Now? Buh-bye.