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This is the archive for December 2006

Fight of the Year 2006

ESPN's boxing expert, the respected Dan Rafael, calls the March 18th fight between Somsak Sithchatchawal and Mahyar Monshipour his fight of the year for 2006. It was never shown in America, much to my chagrin, but through the power of YouTube, you can watch the whole thing right below, in four parts. Believe me, I've seen pretty much all the fights he lists for his top fights of 2006, and Sithchatchawal versus Monshipour is better than you could possibly believe.

Part 1

The first hit is free... the rest are below the cut.
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Praise be to Allah!

The Mike Tyson Dangerometer, as established by Desiree Washington and Robin Givensis as follows:

The only thing more dangerous than Mike Tyson is a drunk Mike Tyson.

The only thing more dangerous than a drunk Mike Tyson is a horny Mike Tyson.

The only thing more dangerous than a horny Mike Tyson is a coked-up Mike Tyson.

So that begs the question: Is there anything more dangerous than a drunk, coked-up Mike Tyson?

ShoBox 12-01-2006--Garcia vs. Santiago

Mario Santiago (16-0, 11 KOs)
Salvador Garcia (14-3-2, 1ND, 7 KOs)

Oh boy, another southpaw versus orthodox showdown. This one should be a lot faster, however, as these are the little fellas. That’s right, 10 rounds of flyweight action! Nothing says boxing like two guys who, combined, weigh 50lbs less than Holley Mangold.

Mario Santiago, a converted junior featherweight, is making his third appearance on ShoBox this year, having posted a 2-0 record in some very good fights. Salvador Garcia, a natural featherweight, has decided not to go out of his way to stand in Santiago’s way. You’d think that with Sal Garcia being the naturally-larger man that he’d push the smaller Santiago around, throw harder shorts, and generally act like the larger man.

Of course, you’d be wrong.
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ShoBox 12-01-2006--Rangel vs. Bradley

Jaime Rangel (30-9-1, 26 KOs)
Timothy Bradley Jr. (16-0, 10 KOs)

Eight rounds of Welterweight action brought to you by the state of California, the Chumash Indians, and Showtime! Let's go to the ring for all the negligible action!

I'm watching the Jaime Rangel/Timothy Bradley Jr. fight, and so far Bradley's best punch has been a right hook to the testicles and Rangel's best punch has been the headbutt. Of course, don't let the fact that neither of these is legal stop you from enjoying the fight. After all, those usually start a good fight when both guys get sick of the back-and-forth exchange of fouls.

However, nobody decided to tell Bradley and Rangel that this televised, apparently, so they've both just been kind of lazing around in the ring, engaging in an extensive 8-round feeling out punctuated by borderline body shots, occasional flurries of what passes for action, and a lot of the typical southpaw/orthodox awkwardness. It's fine for a club fight, but when you're making either your first fight on TV (Bradley) or what is probably your last fight on TV (Rangel), you kind of want to be impressive, and so far aside from a few good shots on either side, this fight has been a whole lot of nothing.
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