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This is the archive for December 2006

The battle for the soul of Arena Football

The Arena Football League, deciding that 20 years of success and millions of dollars of revenue isn’t enough, decided to move one step further and sell its soul to earn a short term 5 year placement on the Worldwide and ABC in exchange for a chunk of AFL ownership.

This makes perfect sense for ESPN in a business sense, as it gains a foothold in what has to be their inevitable goal of owning its own content provider. This is what they attempted to do with ESPN Mobile. They tried to convert their network’s brand into a selling point for a subscription-based mobile phone service. Of course, ESPN knows sports, not phones, so this was a failure.

However, ESPN knows sports broadcasting.

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Colin Cowherd allowed on Mike and Mike?

So, Colin Cowshit is on Mike and Mike giving his opinion on why Florida deserved the shot at the Bullshit Championship.

Considering this is the same fucker who made fun of Eddie Guerrero's death, I do something that most people do anyways through his radio show...

Take a three hour shit. So, make fun of another wrestler, the Homers, and everyone else. Then George Solomon will yell at you again. The Worldwide Leader in Bullshit won't fire you. We'll repeat this stupidity because the BS Leader is as inept as the Ford Family.

I think I'd rather have Whitlock back...