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This is the archive for February 2007

A novel idea for a clean soccer game: Ban the Fans.

Parlamento Italiano, after a wave of violence in that crazy island of Sicily that killed poor poliziotto Filippo Raciti, passed a new wave of laws that forced security issues to happen 90 seconds ago. Too bad nobody told the 25 clubs that are going to have to play to a situation of stadio vuoto. (For you lazy fucks, that's empty stadium.)

According to the nice folks on the wire, everything from Serie A and below get to play to such a situation if the Gestione italiana di sicurezza (Italian Security Administration) doesn't approve their stadium for public consumption. Of course, there is a silver lining. 6 stadia are approved for use. They are: Genoa, Siena, Cagliari, Turin, Palermo and Olympic Stadium in Rome. The Catania Stadium is still perma-closed until the whole matter of the 38 hooligans di gioco del calcio (including 15 teenagers) who killed the poor poliziotto is close to resovled.

And yes you read right, that Palermo is approved for public games. Leave the severed goat heads at home, fittizios. The joke still isn't funny.

Hey, Italianos. Take a cue from the Mexicanos who actually didn't kill anyone when they lost the Rivales Eternos game to the United States, won't you?