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Mista Foschi, I 'ave an offer you cannot refuse, sir...

Talk about creepy shit in life... You live with it when you're the GM of the U.S. Citta di Palermo. Of course, for those of you who don't know where Palermo is. Think Sicily. Come to think of it, go with La Cosa Nostra. If you need hints, fucking watch The Godfather! If you want, I'll lend a copy. One at a time, though.

Palermo GM Rino Foschi got a hell of a Christmas gift on his doorstep while in Cesena on the Italian Mainland. The present which his wife and kid opened, of course, ended up being a young goat's head covered in massive amounts of blood. The GM believed that the head was sent as a "joke" considering that it came from Palermo. Right...

Nice way to pull off a joke, isn't it?

Might as well end it in our own Sports Bastards way...

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Damn, that is one sweet cover.

I used to have that song for my cell phone ringtone--curse you, Verizon, for not letting me have it on my new phone. :(

Posted by Jade at 01/01/07 04:37:24

I have very little knowledge on soccer, however...I have seen this clip before, and it's a great cover. =D

Posted by Luis at 01/01/07 11:34:58

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