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This is the archive for June 2007

London Calling

It seems that Dana White has fallen in love with merry ol' England. Why do I say this? Well, it's been confirmed that UFC 75 is to be held in London, England. This is the 3rd show to be held outside of the US in as many months and this one should be a rockin' shindig.

Why's that? Well, let's see. You have the return of Mirko "Cro-Cop" after the embarrassment he suffered at the hands of Gabe Gonzaga. He's plenty pissed off about that and looking to kick the head off of someone. You also got fan-fave Michael Bisping in a light-heavyweight fight. Oh yeah, you also have Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson.

That's right, jokers. Champion vs. Champion. It's every fight fan's wet dream come to life. We'll know who's the best in the 205 lb division in the world. My God, I think I'm going to faint.

Bodog Fight invites Prez White

Dana White, the president of the UFC, has always spoken his mind. And I respect that. I really do. There isn't a show on Spike TV when he's not bleeped more than 50 bazillion times. More recently, the former boxing gym owner has called out Bodog Fight founder Calvin Ayre. White has called him a criminal and likened him to Richard Pryor's character in the movie "Brewster's Millions." You know, the guy who's trying to spend all his money in 48 hours. Well, Ayre is making White an interesting offer. Almost like Eric Bischoff made Vince McMahon back during the Monday Night Wars.

On July 14th, Bodog Fight is putting on its first show on US soil in New Jersey ,and Ayre is offering to pick up Mr. White from where ever he is and fly him via private jet to the show. There, it is said, Mr. White will enjoy all the finest things in life. Champagne... a room in a 5 star hotel... and a front row seat to the Eddie Alvarez/Matt Lee fight. All Dana has to do is RSVP. Now, of course it's not gonna happen; but it's kinda cool to see someone bow up on Dana freakin' White, n'est pas?

UFC keeps up string of solid shows with FNL

Was it me or did the recent UFC Fight Night Live rule with an iron fist? You had KOs and tapouts galore.

In the KO department, you saw Anthony Johnson lay out Chad Reiner in 13 seconds. 13 SECONDS! It was crazy. And in the same vein of quick KOs, Drew McFedries creamed Jordan Radev in 33 seconds. Both of these guys look great in their stand-up game. Of course they're a loooong way from being the next Chuck Liddell.

And in the tapout area, you saw Thiago Tavares put on a BJJ clinic when he made Jason Black look like a fool with a vicious triangle choke in the 2nd round. If you saw this fight, you know what I'm saying. Tavares is a future Lightweight Champion. Mark my words. Also, Jon Fitch made Roan Carneiro tap with a rear naked choke in round numero 2. Fitch just ran Carneiro down to fumes.

But the fight of the night had to go to the main event of Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout. Fisher won handily by landing vicious strikes and pushing the fight. It had to feel good to avenge a loss. Stout was just getting rocked. Kudos to him, though, for not showing how hurt he had to be. Next PPV is June 16th in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ye must watch it! Franklin vs. Okami! Griffin vs. Rameriez! It will ROCK!!

I'm thinking Okami will stop Franklin. Okami stopped the current UFC Middleweight Champ before and that has to be swimming around in Franklin's mind. Griffin needs a win to still be considered a top contendor in the Light Heavyweight division. At least in my book.