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This is the archive for June 2007

Toothless Stupidity, Ignorance, Take Your Pick.

I'm gonna take the flat out, realistic viewpoint of this, because at the rate stuff's being discovered...they'll have found Tupac's murderer before they get to the bottom of what REALLY happened in the Benoit house over the weekend.

I told someone yesterday that it's rather ironic that someone who made their professional living making others tap out, ended his own life and in a rather odd way of looking at it, tapped out himself because life had him in a no escape situation. I'm not God, don't play one on TV, but I know enough to know that God doesn't look too highly upon people who take their own lives. It's basically a slap in His face and it's like saying to God Almighty, 'yeah, I know you sacrificed your only son for me to live on this planet, but I don't care because life's dealt me a crappy hand and I can't deal with it anymore'. I read last night while at work that there was some back and forth stuff over the care of his now deceased son and the recommendation that Benoit stay at home more to oversee it or something along those lines. Apparently, Chris didn't dig that idea too much and as a result, killed Nancy for suggesting it and then his son for being the reason said suggestion was made. Then, not willing to deal with the consequences of his heinous actions, took his own life so he could be remembered by the wrestling public as a tragic figure rather than the murdering piece of crap he really is.
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Benoit news trickles in.

More Benoit coverage, and more of the promised bizarre details concerning the murder/suicide of the professional wrestling champion, his wife, and 7-year-old son. This is starting to get really interesting.

There were steroids found in the home, but the steroids appear to have not been for Benoit’s use. Instead, the steroids were apparently for use by his son, whom District Attorney Scott Ballard describes as having needle marks on his arms and as being “very small, even dwarfed.” Steroids and HGH are commonly used to treat dwarfism.

Benoit passed his most recent employer mandated drug test, given on April 10th, and never failed a test while with the company, unlike several other top talents.

Benoit was in the house for over a day with the bodies before taking his own life, which does not suggest a steroid fueled rage. Preliminary autopsy results suggest Nancy Benoit was killed Friday, and Daniel Benoit was killed Saturday or early Sunday morning.

While no history of domestic violence was noted, in their May 2003 divorce filing, Nancy alleged “cruel treatment” and the usual irreconcilable differences. The filing and a request for a restraining order were later withdrawn. There is no evidence to back up the claims in the divorce paperwork (people will say anything in a divorce proceeding to boost their chances at getting whatever it is they want, regardless of truth).

Toxicology results may not be known for several weeks, but I’m interested to see the results. This is fascinating, in a train-wreck sense.

When football players go nuts, everyone blames post-concussion syndrome. Why has no one other than myself mentioned that pro wrestlers suffer more concussions more often than any football player, because pro wrestlers fall on their heads constantly, accidentally get kicked and punched in the skull, and generally take more abuse more often than your average offensive lineman? Wrestlers don't have an off-season and until they make it big, only get paid when they work.

The defamation of Chris Benoit?

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the Chris Benoit incident are exactly what I feared they would be: Benoit killed his wife, son, and then himself, or so the AP would have us believe. Sad circumstances and condolences all around.

Then, of course, the second paragraph is about steroids. Immediately, some genius at the AP rushes to blame the tragedy on steroids.

Steroids are never linked to Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, or any other unnaturally large athlete who does something stupid and criminal. Steroids were never mentioned when OJ killed his wife. Or Rae Carruth shooting his pregnant girlfriend. Or the rash of NFL football players going psycho and killing themselves and others (nope, that’s concussions, and professional wrestlers, who land on their head for a living, NEVER get concussions). Albert Belle trying to run trick-or-treaters down with his car and stalking his ex-girlfriend? Not steroids, either.

Why are steroids the first thing mentioned when a normal sized person who happens to be professional wrestler (5’11, 220… smaller than me, so I must be on steroids! Put down the juice, Rich, or you’ll kill and eat your whole family!) commits a horrible act? Steroids are not related to this issue at all, and it’s an unnecessary shot at a dead man to even postulate that theory, considering the WWE has random drug tests in place (before baseball, even).

Chris Benoit never failed a drug test in his career and toxicology results haven’t been released. Can’t crazy just be crazy? Because steroids caused Andrea Yates to kill her family, right? If toxicology reports come back and reveal Benoit had more drugs in his than Barry Bonds, I’ll eat my words.

Until then, it’s baseless speculation.

God Rest Chris Benoit

I'm literally speechless. I haven't paid attention to the WWE for a while. I've been watching TNA and been loving every minute of it. I just thought that everything would be fine in WWEland for a long time even with this stupid current story of "Who Killed Mr. McMahon?" I log on to the net and I find that one of the wrestlers that I've respected the Hell out of has been found dead. Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home in Fayette County, GA. The cause is unknown. Words cannot express the sadness I feel over the loss of this great man. I guess the only good point in his passing is that now Owen has a wrestling partner. God Bless and Rest in Peace Chris. You'll will be deeply, deeply missed....

A new low from a company previously known for middle fingers, poop jokes, and necrophilia.

Vince McMahon finally crossed the line between simple bad taste and disgusting offensiveness Monday night, as McMahon Appreciation Night was disrupted by a horribly-faked version of a carbomb assassination.

Yeah, I know, I can't believe they went there, either. I don't want to sound like a Phil Mushnick, but this is just a little too much considering what's going on in the world these days. People die in carbomb attacks every day on the streets of Iraq. Despite production values that make "The Toxic Avenger" look like "Batman Begins," I think Vince really stuck his foot in it this time.

The WWE has been one of the organizations who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support our troops, both in Desert Storm and in our current conflicts. At great expense (at least in terms of man hours), the organization flies their wrestlers on USO tours in war zones. They put together a set and a ring and put on special events for our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan every holiday season. Soldiers, sailors, and airmen fill the stands at WWE events throughout the world, thanks to free tickets provided by the company. The company has won awards from the USO for their good work with our troops.

I know he's not dead in an explosion; I think that even the dumbest mark on the planet knows this is fake, despite Vince and company's best efforts to sell it as something that really happened (which, really, is probably as offensive to me as anything else, because it insults what little intelligence I have). This is a clumbsy, cartoonish attempt to create a little buzz for a flagging product. Maybe the viewer at home, or in the arena, was able to laugh it off, but what if there were some veterans in the crowd?

To those guys, exploding cars aren't such a laughing matter.