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This is the archive for June 2007

A 'Real' Shocker

Real Madrid have sacked their manager. Again. It's beginning to seem like a yearly tradition for the Spanish champions (yes, they won the league).

So what did Fabio Capello do to deserve the boot? Well, he failed to win the Champions League, even though last season they didn't win anything. That said, if he had brought the Champions League title to the club, as well as the Spanish title, he probably wouldn't be going.

Rumour has it, Capello may have been dismissed due to the David Beckham debacle. Allegedly, Madrid's board are angry at losing Beckham, as well as the many millions of Euros which he probably earns for the club, through shirt sales and sponsorship deals.

It all just seems like a knife in the back, for a man who brought them their first league title since 2003. However, I might send my CV in, anyway. You never know...

Fight Night Delivers the Goods

Was it me or did the latest Fight Night live kick much ass? It just seemed to me that every single joker in that cage had something to prove. I knew from the first KO when Drew McFedries laid out Jordan Radev with a punch that hurt me from the comfort of my couch that this was going to be a good show.

And the KOs didn't end there. Oh no. Much like a Ron Popeel(?) infomercial, there was always more. Anthony Johnson put Chad Reiner to sleep via punch out in 13 seconds. 13 SECONDS!!

But for all you who love the submission, you weren't left wanting. Thiago Tavares put on a BJJ clinic when he choked out Jason Black with a deeeeep triangle choke. Up and comer Jon Fitch choked out another up and comer in Roan Carneiro with a beautiful rear naked choke when it looked like Carneiro was completely on empty.

But I think the fight of the night had to go to the main event when Spencer Fisher took on Sam Stout. Fisher won handily in a unanimous decision. The fight was great. No take downs and ground and pound. Straight up, toe to toe punch out! Fisher was landing some killer blows on Stout but just couldn't knock him down. All in all, I'd say that the UFC has some great talent coming up through the ranks.

Next PPV is June 16th at 3 PM in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Make sure you watch it, ye jokers!!

An Open Letter To The Big Fundamental.

Dear Tim Duncan,

You're it for me. The Washington practice squad wasn't expected to and did absolutely nothing. The Nets...despite having 'The Big Three', thanks
to Half-Man, Non-Amazing, Jersey was sent packing despite Kidd more or less averaging a triple double for the playoffs. A TRIPLE DOUBLE. Oh, can't forget about Team Chernobyl coached by Flip Crappers going up 2-0 then not winning another game. So now, the NBA's got what it wanted. It wanted its biggest star not named Kobe on its biggest stage, since it obviously didn't quite dig the idea of shuttling back and forth between Detroit and San Antonio in what should've been a nice rematch of the 2005 series which your boys took home. Fact is, you're all but being written off by the media. People view you as boring, as fun to watch as paint drying and nobody likes your team anymore. In essence, you're becoming the team everyone wants to hate because you're not the Lakers, Mavs, Suns or etc. People are hating you because you're stoic and your game isn't awe-inspiring such as the person who will be talked about more than you for this series, LeBron James. Oh, forgot to mention this latest in a long line of Jordan Clones the NBA's trotted out in the number 23. For all that people may knock Gary Bettman for, I've got to tip my hat to him for banning all future players from wearing #99.
I guess Adolf would rather try and fail miserably in making clones of stars past than actually create new ones. Which brings me back to you Tim.
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