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This is the archive for May 2007

The real winner is the promoter who dreamed up this freak show

Who wins? A street fighter who got owned by a below average MMA fighter or a professional boxer who happens to be 16 years removed from his last significant title victory? Would you take the 46-year-old former pro boxer who has had two MMA fights in which he either lost by decision or got KOd with a kick, or would you take the "30" year old street fighter who got pwned by a terrible MMA fighter and is famous because he beats up nobodies on the internet?

Mike Tyson versus Secretariat.

Kevin Ferguson AKA Kimbo Slice versus Merciless Ray Mercer.

Considering Kimbo is neither a trained grappler nor a trained boxer, and considering Ray Mercer has at least fought in a legitimate MMA competition before, the only way Kimbo possibly takes this one is if Ray Mercer is just so slow and old that he gets beaten to the punch (pardon the pun). Anyone with a little training and the ability to take a punch like everyone knows Mercer has ought to be able to beat the most talented street fighter out there, but I’d be lying if I didn’t want to buy the pay-per-view of this freak show.

My prediction: Bob Sapp by KO in the first round.

My real prediction: A boring pseudo-fight in which Kimbo doesn’t want to be embarrassed by an old man and Mercer doesn’t want to be knocked out by someone with no real fighting skills. Expect lots of groping and hugging, and a lame decision at the end unless someone (Kimbo) does something stupid.