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This is the archive for May 2007

Saturday Hit Tracker: Rubbin’ is Racin’.

We get a lot of weird hits off the Google at this website kids. Up until now, I've shared them mostly with staff, but they tend to be really good ones, so I figured why not make our private jokes public and share the good ones with you? This'll probably end up being a weekly feature, since there's not much else to post on Saturday mornings by and large. Plus it's pure comedy, as you'll see below.

It’s only fitting that, since today is the day of the Dodge Avenger 500, that our big hit drivers for this week so far have been NASCAR-related. That’s right, kids. The Google is your friend, since he leads you to us when you search for such awesome phrases as

“Teresa Earnhardt bitch”

“Dale Jr underachiever”

and my personal favorite:

“I’ll put that son of a bitch off the track Dale Jarrett”

You know NASCAR is gaining in popularity when racing-related searches top such traditional favorites as “Jeter gay,” “Tiger Woods whiny bitch,” and my second favorite, “Tom Lasorda rip them country cock suckers."

Yup, these are our readers.