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This is the archive for January 2008

We're Back!

All right, kids. I've let this site sit dormant, sans Ron, for entirely too long. It's back, I'm back, and hopefully you'll come back too. If not, it's your loss.

Anyway, the results are in for the first SportsBastards Fantasy Football Gangbang and Bukkake Festival, and as everyone expected (or as I expected), I killed everyone handily. Like the New England Patriots, I demolished my competition. Unlike the Patriots, I lost one game. Next year, I guess.

The final standings:

1. I let the dogs out 13-1-0 (Ron)
2. Souless As Ever 11-3-0 (Jaime)
3. Tydi 11-3-0
4. Minnesota Viqueens 7-7-0 (Spinler)
5. Team Jademyst 6-8-0 (Jade)
6. Team Corleone 5-9-0 (Len)
7. Trent's Concussion 5-9-0 (Rich)
8. my team 6-8-0
9. Male Hairy All Stars 3-11-0
10. Neos Perfect Team 3-11-0

I don't know who the mystery teams belong to, and it doesn't really matter, because obviously they all sucked compared to me. Then again, everyone sucks compared to me, so they better get used to second place and below. BOOM, BITCHES!