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This is the archive for January 2008

And Then There Were Three...And The Pats.

Alright, prediction time. It's time for the Conference Championship, which unfortunately spells the beginning of the end of the football season and a semi-dry spell in the sports realm. (We'll get these two games which won't wrap until a little after 9PM EST this week and then wait two weeks for the longest game of the year with the longest pre-game known to man.) Been a great year, as a Giants fan, it'd probably be one I'd have enjoyed more if not for Coughlin's presence on the sideline but I'll get to that in a second...

AFC Championship
San Diego vs. New England
- Ya know, if someone asked me a few weeks ago if these two were to meet how bad would it be, I'd ask them to recall just about every Tyson fight from 1986 to 1990 (Buster) and think of how much worse it'd be if uh...there was no ref. Now? I don't know really. I think that with the win last week in Indy, it's hard to make heads or tails out of it. Did SD really win that game, or did Indy have too much pride to take the long trip to a place where Peyton's never won to try and get another crack at defending their Super Bowl Championship (as Bill Simmons has theorized and likened it to the Lakers in 1986 going down to the Twin Towers in Houston *that's Sampson and a very young Hakeem* during the Western Conference Finals). In a way, as a football fan, I feel robbed. Nobody was looking forward to this rematch between the Colts and Pats more than me, but to get a rematch from a game in Week 2 that wasn't that competitive to begin with...forgive me if I sleep through this. Seriously.

The Bolts have a chance to exact revenge for the Pats not only beating them a year ago and feasibly stopping them from winning a Super Bowl, but to end what could be the greatest season we've seen this side of the 1972 Dolphins (who I'm sick of hearing about damnit). For the Pats, they simply have a chance to silence yet another ignorant voice that dare speak against them in vain.

Sorry Norv, your run ends here. Pats win.
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Not What We Thought...

That's what I think the reoccuring theme of this weekend was something along the lines of..."maybe it wasn't what we thought" or something to that extent. Since Jade's got a lock on the review of all things boxing aka 'that non-relevant contact sport which has faded into irrelevancy', I'll review all four games since ironically enough, I sat through most of them or enough to capsulize them. Let's start with what led off our weekend and ironically enough, will be where we close out next Sunday's action...Lambeau Field.

GB/SEA- You had Darth Holmgren versus Luke Favrewalker and simply put, the force is strong in the old 4. Seattle simply put, would've been better off mailing in that game, because Green Bay wasn't losing at home. All of you who said that Green Bay didn't have a running game, Ryan Grant would like to have a word with you all. Maybe two. Those of you who said Brett should hang it up, he's curious as to how that crow you're having to eat is tasting. As for Seattle, well, what can I say? They won their division by default and needed Washington virtually having its engine quit on them midway through the 4th to win a week ago. I thought they were grossly overrated and simply put, you saw why on Saturday.

As for Green Bay, if it weren't for New England having a "Boston Year", McCarthy would've been your Coach of the Year and Favre would've been MVP. I think I said this once before on here, but if I haven't, here's the first time you're hearing it. He's having a better year now than he did when he had the likes of Brooks, Sharpe and company while winning a Super Bowl. Oh and ironically enough, he's a game away from going back to the big game nobody thought he'd play in as a Packer.

NE/JAX- Jade keeps thinking the more I continue to praise the Pats, they're going to fall eventually. Let me tell ya something sweetie, you could have a pack of black cats do windsprints throughout the stadium by all 52 Pats and these guys will keep winning. I was going to praise the Jags for playing a pretty good game, but leave it to a rookie to totally knock me out of that mindset. Reggie, here's what I have to say to you.

A) You're a Gator. That speaks volumes unto itself for this Seminoles/Scarlet Knights fan.
B) You're going home for a long Winter break while Tom's playing in 6 days. You won't be playing again unless it's a pick-up game.
C) Your defense beyond your front seven, really isn't that good. Now while you may have eliminated the "big play" from New England's's what you're missing.

Brady only missed TWICE in 28 attempts. And while he may have "checked down", he didn't miss often and when he did it, his guys made plays your offense didn't. Hence why he's about to try for his fourth AFC crown in 7 years and you' to eat popcorn with another certain someone I'll get to in a moment.

Now for yesterday's festivities...
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