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This is the archive for July 2007

Japanese Wrestling Moment: Masahiro Chono vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

For the people who like to rip Ric Flair, I'm going to give you a match to allow yourself to shut the fuck up. For those who thought that Chono was overrated back in his youth, you also get to join the Flair hate squad over there. This match is going to be in the 35 minute mark. It's from the G1-Climax tournament. What's the setting? It's "Mr. G1" vs. the living legend. What more do you need for a story. From New Japan, 1995.

Part 1:

Oh, we've got more parts, folks. Right this way...

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In honor of Independence Day, I give you THE WARRIOR!

After all, nothing says sports in America like a 'roided up delusional maniac *snort*:

Japanese Wrestling Moment: Mistuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi

Alright, did you miss me? I'm sure none of you did. So, to help ease back into the writing, I'm going to do something every few days. A Japanese wrestling match or an odd match to get you kids talking. This time. Misawa vs. Kobashi. As most of you know, this is Japanese Wrestling, so don't look for any WWE crap like comedy.

This one runs about 49 minutes, so grab some popcorn.