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This is the archive for July 2008

The WNBA: It's Fight-tastic!

One of the best things Title IX has done for athletics is now women athletes can be just as stupid, immature, and boorish as their male counterparts! Except of course that this fight doesn't spill into the stands and cause a riot, if only because the stands are empty enough that the hundreds of fans in attendance could easily just walk away from the fighting players. Alternately, they could take a page from Rick Mahorn's book and just toss gangly women around like James Brown at a coke party.

Just consider that only a few years ago, this very same venue, The Palace at Auburn Hills, was the host of a riot that changed the face of the NBA completely. Now maybe, just maybe, this brawl will be the thing that pushes the WNBA from a mere tax write off to a legitimate sporting event with fan attendance in the 5 digits. At the very least, if it gives the excellent Candace Parker some exposure, it's worth the public image hit.

To Lose A Prince? (NBA Draft 2 of 2)

Alright, it's the first of the month (get up, get up, get up, cash your checks and get on...) and I'm sorry. That Bone Thugs song kinda got stuck in my noggin, which segues beautifully into the first half of this piece I'm gonna spew on about...the Cavaliers. You know how they say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth? Why are the Cavs not only looking it in the mouth, but trying to figure out new and innovative ways to screw up its grill in the process? I mean, 2003, they're given LeBron James to resurrect basketball in this beleaguered sports town. Which to some degree, moreso than other more talented teams before him...he has done. But only the Cavs can look at this and say, "yeah, he got us to the Finals but the squad he used blew. I know! Let's get this thing shaken up by trading away pieces he was reasonably happy with and get some real bums in here." before trading away two starters from the former Eastern Conference Champions to get back...

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Mister Grimey on The NBA Draft (1 of 2)

Well, the Draft has come and gone. The NBA one and well, much to discuss. Now, I said I was gonna do this differently and I shall. I'm not handing out "grades" when the only thing folks are going off of is what was done IN COLLEGE and not on the pro court against uh...I guess we may as well say college style defenses since zone's okay now. What I will do is go according to two things...

Did a team fill a need with what they took and who took a want as opposed to a need.

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