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This is the archive for July 2008

Mike Ditka Has An Inner Ear Problem

I laughed so hard I cried. Seriously. How this took so long to make it to the internet I'll never know, but it's absolutely brilliant once Paul Hornung nearly sends Ditka flailing off the stage. I don't think they make roast bloopers any funnier than this.

As The Favre Retires...And Returns.

So maybe he wasn't gone after all...

In March, about two months after losing an NFC Championship game in Lambeau, we assumed that Favre was finished. He had a teary eyed press conference, stated that he had given his all and had nothing left. There were some skeptics, having been through this before with the NFL's equivalent of that girlfriend who's one foot in, one arm, shoulder, head and leg out. That person who is never certain on anything other than the fact that he's just 'not certain'. But for the most part, it came and went with few very much expecting this was the end of Favre in football as we knew it. So we skip ahead, past the Draft where the Pack drafted a rookie to presumably backup Mister Rodgers in what we all believed to be HIS neighborhood now that Favre is gone. Well...

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