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This is the archive for November 2008


I know that we haven't had a Cast up for you folks, but Ron and I have been sick. And basically, lazy, too.

But considering it's the holiday, I will give my thanks in kind.

I give thanks to Tavey, who's stuck with me for the better part of a year as a friend and less than so as my lady.

I give thanks to Ron, Matthew and Kristin who've ventured into this foray of podcasting, because we got bored.

I give thanks to KSK for a place for me to go as a barometer for and to laugh at, because I thought I was a loser until I saw that crew...

I also give thanks to the SB crew, and most especially Mama Jade, who's been there to laugh and remind me of why I'm writing this.

And finally, I give thanks to the Detroit Lions for inevitably bending over and taking in the ass today as the Titans go 11-1.

Go to hell, Brett... You should've stayed retired.

Happy Turkey Day, folks.

Dear Rex Grossman

Dear Sex Cannon,

Thanks for keeping up a few traditions you had...

Giving it up to a Tennessee based team. Glad to see that a Florida pedigreed QB like you is still giving to our state. Which you vaulted us to 9 and 0 against the NFL. Also, we're 3 and 0 against your NFC North. (Probably 4 and 0, because the last team to defend the honor of the NFC North is the Detroit Lions on Turkey Day. And LenDale is sure to eat the entire buffet and run 2 TDs on them.)

So, again, Rex. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for constantly giving away games to the State of Tennessee.


James R. Brown and the fans of Tennessee.

P.S. Good luck in your next job in Kansas City, we hear they might need a good INT throwing machine to tank it until Colt McCoy enters the draft.