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This is the archive for November 2008

Rambling, Just Cause L Can.

Alright, so here's my real comeback column. I've been gone due to some real craptastic conditions and the like (not worth going into here, but if you're wondering where the extra vitriolic venom's coming from that's it), but I am back as evident by my annual NBA preview making the usual rounds it makes. Anyway, I initially was going to go with an anti-Ohio rant on all of its teams just cause I was really pissy, but I changed my mind. In its place, I'm just gonna touch on a few things at random just cause I can.
Starting with...

Meet 9-year-old Ben Wilson, Destroyer of Worlds

Meet Ben Wilson. He's a 9-year-old peewee football player who hits like a freight train and runs like Jim Brown with an attitude problem. Seriously, this kid is good. Watch the videos below.

I don't get it, honestly. He's smaller than most of the other kids, and he doesn't look like he's faster. Yet here he is, cracking helmets with good tackles and throwing would-be tacklers aside like so many pizza crusts at the buffet table. He's got great technique, so someone coached him up well, but technique doesn't enable you to drag three or four other people with you for touchdown runs, or to throw a guy off of you with one hand so forcefully he flies backwards like he whizzed on an electric fence.

I think he gets the job done by being meaner than everyone else. Good for you, little guy. Keep trucking the nonbelievers!