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This is the archive for November 2008

Cuban vs. the SEC

Hattip: SAPPERs in Afghanistan

Mark Cuban in trouble.

Seems the SEC thinks the most excitable NBA Owner ever, Mark Cuban, knew about something going down at one of his old companies, and proceeded sell his entire six percent stake. The sale was the precursor to a ten percent drop in the stock of the company.

In essence, Mark sold his shares on June 28, 2004. The company revealed it was using PIPE funding and the stocks dropped. Time will tell if Mark can outsmart the SEC.

Melo celebrates the Allen Iverson Trade

The Denver Nuggets rid themselves today of Allen "the Blizzard" Iverson today in a trade that had one man throwing a huge party in Denver tonight for all around and that man is the winner of this trade -- Carmelo Anthony. Who frankly never wanted the Blizzard around. He brought bad weather and left him competing for the spotlight on a mediocre team that really only has room for one superstar.

Not that we're really hear to talk about it, but Allen Iverson (A.I.) is off to join the Detroit Pistons who are sending Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess off towards Denver in the trade. They also decided to throw in for bonus candy center Cheikh Samb for extra candy (someone didn't do enough trick or treating on Halloween) or possibly for something about salary matching. But you know it was really all about bonus candy.

But beyond that, here's what you need to know -- the real winner isn't this trade isn't the Denver Nuggets (even though it clearly is) instead it's twenty-four year old Melo who now is the sole superstar of the Denver Nuggets and no longer has to pretend to the press that he was upset when AI got more attention than he did. No, no, now it's all on him except when Melo is getting suspended for drinking and driving or some other such nonsense.

So, sound off in the comments below -- do you agree? Was Melo the winner of the trade that comes only two games into the NBA season for Detroit. Or who do you think came out the winner in this case? Nuggets, Pistons, Allen Iverson or hell do you think the real winner is the LA Lakers. I'll listen to your comments, though I never promise to agree with them.

By the way who was the loser in all of this? McDyess who is objecting to the trade. He hates Denver and has no intention of putting on a uniform belonging to a team, again, that shares a name with his favorite Happy Meal. He instead is most likely to be throwing a retirement tantrum and will seek to get the Nuggets to buy out his contract. Though if he thinks he'll still get all 13.6 million in salary the Nuggets want him to know he's crazy.