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This is the archive for November 2008

"That's Kinda Gay"

This is why I love randomly exploring YouTube. This has to be the gayest thing since Gay came to Gaytown.

Phillip Fudd... I mean, Fulmer not coming back to U of Tennessee

First the story from Chris Low...

ESPNis link

The Tennessean (NashVegas)

The Local from Nashville

The Knoxville News Sentinel

From UT Land

Now what does this mean to you. If you're a Tennessee Homer, it's the end of an era. But it is what it is... Fulmer is sick and tired. He's been for a good while, since the expectations went up since the National Title. However, if you're a college football person who's outside of the state, it's the end of the SEC old guard.

Fulmer's reign is dead... Long live Fulmer's reign. Now, we begin the ridiculous talks of Jon Gruden and Will Muschamp to Tennessee...