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This is the archive for August 2007

Axe Murderer arrives in UFC

Just today, Dana White finally added Wanderlei Silva to the already stacked Light Heavyweight ranks of the UFC. This comes on the heels of White signing a bunch of PRIDE fighters over to fight for him. Adding this guy brings the total bad assedness of the UFC to an all time high.

This guy is known for his aggressive style and ability to end fights quickly, kinda like an axe murderer I guess. Also his stare down is second only to Quinton Jackson. The guy looks like he's genuinely pissed that he has to fight you and he's going to make sure to rearrange your internals to sate his pissed offedness.

For those of you not in the know, this is Silva's second go-round with the UFC after having debuting against Vitor Belfort in '98. I can't wait for the possible match-ups in the future. This guy has already beaten Dan Henderson, Kaz Sakuraba, and Quinton Jackson twice.

The thing you gotta love about this guy is that he's not afraid to get in there and throw punches like a drunken Irishmen. Sorry, that wasn't PC. Irishperson. Anyways, just looking forward to December when Silva begins hacking his way through the Light Heavyweight ranks.