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This is the archive for September 2009

This Is How You Kill A God


Golden Tate With The Stinger Splash!

Personally, I would've used "I Believe I Can Fly," but that might be a little bit cliche at this point. Still, the multiple angles and multiple replays of Golden Tate's game-winning touchdown/flying cross body block on the horn section of the Michigan State band is very, very impressive. As impressive is the fact that the band didn't even bother getting out of the way.

Sometimes you just have to take the hit for Sparty, isn't that right, woodwinds?

Change Of Seasons Mean One Thing...

Well, it's September, so you know what time it is...

Goldie Hawn: Football.

Yes, it's the LeGarrette Blount Edition of my Football Preview and I say his name because it's gonna hit you smack in your jaw and drop ya. :) I like that, I think I'm going with that for my basketball preview in a month (which I'm drooling over typing in advance, but also dreading because it'll mean I'm a month away from Winter, which blows). Alright, since Blount went all Tyson with poor Bryce being Bitch Green, let's go College first. Firstly, let me point out how much I absolutely LOVE the love Rutgers is getting in print as possible Big East Champions this year. (Give me 72 hours max before I'm flat out cursing it, depends on what they do Labor Day afternoon against Cincy, the only other Big East school that has troubled RU since its rise a few years ago.) I know that nobody other than myself and those in Piscataway even cares about the Big East, so I won't cover that here. I will get to the other conferences in order of not just importance, but who I feel will probably stand the best shot of dethroning the Gators in January.