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This is the archive for September 2009

The Super-sized Predictions Thingy (AFC Edition)

See? Not even 48 hours after I talk about it and Troy goes down for 4 to 6 weeks with an MCL injury. The Madden Jinx is real, people. Arizona folks, good luck. Anyway, as I stated in Thursday’s preview, I said I’d give you your Super Bowl picks. Before I do so, allow me to recap by conference, sleepers included.

Division Champions: The Patriot Conglomerate, The Not Yet Super Chargers, That Other Texas Team, The Steel Conglomerate
Wild Cards: Purple Reign & Remember Kerry & The Titans
Sleeper Team: The On Papers Jail Bengals (“On Papers” be the slang for ‘on probation’, in case anyone was wondering.)

Alright, time for a team by team breakdown of each team…

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Sleeping Through A Preview (NFL Preview)

So, here we are. A little under an hour and change away from kickoff of the NFL season 2009/10. Technically, the last season to have a salary cap (like it's really mattering for the dregs of the League) and the next to last season of this decade. We all know what the major storylines are going into this year, so there's no need in me beating already dead horses. Certain divisions are all but over the second Tuesday morning hits (the West divisions respectively and if Brady's truly healthy, I'm not seeing anyone in that division coming within fingernail's length of New England after the calendar month turns to October), others are a bit tougher to call. However, I find that gets tedious to boot. So here's how I've decided to go about this year's preview.

I'm going to identify the champions (duh) defending and their odds of retaining, as well as Arizona's probability for actually usurping the Steel Curtain in February. For the record, I don't see the Dolphins having homefield for the Super Bowl, that's going to stay intact as far as the home team not being home for the Super Bowl. I'll identify the major threats from each conference and give you three Sleeping Giants from each conference to look out for. I'm giving you my word that at least TWO of these teams WILL surprise you.
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The Most Evil Person In The Universe

...and he's meeting Darth Vader.