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This is the archive for October 2007

USF = U Suck Florida.

What? Didn't think I'd forget to mention this, did ya? Okay, I got caught up in some fun Yankee bashing but hey, it's fun and helped me take my mind off of the utter disappointment that was the Mets' collapse. I mean, in their defense, at least their organization isn't anywhere near as wonky as the Yanks. But enough on that. Let's talk college football.

For about 48 to 72 hours almost incessantly I heard any and every possible piece of propaganda one could hear about USF's improbable rise to #2 in the rankings. #2 team in the land, they say. The New Rutgers, they said. Quietly, I said very little because I knew what was coming last Thursday. I knew that in the Scarlet Terrordome, where all Top 10 teams come to be put down and hit with the Scarlet Letter known as R...order would be restored and USF would make like that one hit wonder that's never heard from again.

Last year, we had Louisville strutting in thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. They got buttered and eaten alive. Nine days ago, we gave people in Chestnut Hill reason to smile as we've all but removed USF from any title consideration that's not Big East related and if Rutgers finishes in a tie with USF, you can squash that thought too.
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WTF Is Up In College Football?!

Parity is the word of the day officially in this college football season. If you want to be all the way technical about it, I feel like we're watching a never ending game of "Who Wants To Be A Top 10 Team?" because damn near nobody seems to want it. 48 hours ago, something went down that hadn't happened in about 11 years. #1 and #2 went down in horrible fashion (pardon the pun) and of the two, I can only give leeway, both deserved it. #2 Cal was a boneheaded move, because you have to be able to tell your redshirt Freshman QB...

"Look son, we don't have anymore timeouts and time's against us. Call whatever you want, but DO NOT USE THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD. If we get stopped in the middle of the field, the game's over. Clear?"

Jeff Tedford must've slept through that part of Coaching 101. On the flip side of this coin, me thinks Les Miles was caught channeling a little too much of the Ole Ball Coach and the Wildcats burned him for it. Hold up, I need to see this again. Kentucky beat the #1 team in the land. I got in from work on Saturday night, saw this and wondered where the hell was Dickie V screaming at the top of his lungs about this being awesome with a capital 'A'. I know Football 101 states you're not supposed to give up on the running game, but when you're getting stuffed up the middle again and again as the Bayou Bengals were...not to be Monday Morning QB or nothing, but can run other ways beyond straight up the gut. Maybe a counter or a sweep to the left or right...hell, try some play action to really throw something spicy at em'. But damnit, it's a shame dumb coaching can't be penalized...because I'd have had you drop a lot farther for your boneheaded playcalling that cost these Tigers its #1 ranking. Fret not though, you're not out of the running... yet.
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