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This is the archive for October 2007

To all my fellow Yankees fans (and Len):


Because some people can't stop running their mouths

As the resident Yankees fan, I had more or less planned to wait and see exactly how things were going to unfold with the team over the course of the offseason before I wrote about it. After all, there IS still a playoff going on, and the World Series yet to play. Major League Baseball does not begin and end with the New York Yankees, after all.

However, you wouldn't know it from the way the media have been foaming at the mouth over what may or not happen now that the Yankees have failed to get past the first round of the postseason again. Even a couple of our SB staff members haven't been able to resist putting in their two cents on the topic. The decision of Joe Torre to decline the Yankees' contract renewal offer has added fuel to the fire of those who seem to spend far too much time trying to dig the Yankees' grave.

There's been far too much speculation and stupidity expressed on the topic, therefore I am forced to sit down and edumacate a few people.

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NCLS Rocktober

I have been wanting to blog about my beloved Colorado Rockies for weeks now. I've been dying to share my feelings, thoughts on my boys -- but I haven't. Why? Because like many who follow sports -- I was being overly superstitious. Fearing that my blogging about them would jinx my beloved Rockies. After all, I had much reason for concern. The Rockies who were established as a team in 1993 (when I was 8) had not been to a playoff game since 1995. They had never won a play-off series. And for 15 long years of my life had always, broken my heart. They had given away high run leads in the 9th inning. They had done nothing to prove having faith in them -- those I always cheered for them and followed them. I had good reasons for my superstitious ways.

But here's what I can tell you -- while the naysayers would have you believe that winning 21 of your last 22 games is pure luck. That the Rockies can't keep this streak up. Let me remind you that the naysayers also said that the Rockies couldn't keep up their winning streak during game 1 of the divisionals against the Phillies. They said that the Rockies didn't have a chance against the diamondbacks and there was no way they'd keep up that winning streak again. Let me tell you that it is not pure luck that the Colorado Rockies have kept winning. Yes, they have had some luck go their way in calls -- but they have also been playing really amazing baseball. Don't believe me? Well, then you didn't have your eyes open during the NLCS.

There have been so many amazing players during this last series that it's hard to single them out for you here.

One thing is for sure -- if you hadn't heard of the Colorado Rockies until now, time to study up. Because they're on one of the most impressive winning streaks sports has seen this year and baseball has seen in a long time. Ignore football, and check out the world series this year. Football will still be there when Rocktober ends.

Done Deal? No, It Has Been Done.

Allow me to set the record straight on something once and for all. Last night didn't mark the end of the "Empire" as we knew it. 2004 ring a bell
people? The Evil Empire losing four straight to the Sawks enabling said Sawks to sweep past the Cards and win the World Series. Back in the day, that didn't happen. And figure the odds that just about every Yanks fan imaginable, wrote it off as a "eh, they had to win one sooner or later, right?" moment. But little did they know, that was the nail in the coffin for the vaunted "Evil Empire". Last night in all honesty, was nothing more than the final clump of dirt thrown on a grave that already had Torre's tombstone on it. The Boss finally got sick of sitting silent and decided to speak up, about three seasons too late. And let me be clear on something here, since I've probably followed more of this on a closer level than most can imagine...Steinbrenner's not the same guy who fired and rehired Billy Martin four times. He knows this too. And to be perfectly honest and this kills me to admit, but firing Torre isn't the answer. Hell, I'd much rather the Mets have fired Willie and thrown every bank imaginable to get Torre across the way because with the cast that's assembled in Queens right now, I had the utmost belief that Joe could win the pennant with these guys and even a World Series.

But, it's finally over for the Yanks.
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The End Has Come Again

As much as I love my Yankee fan friends. (That's Jade and Ande, both females, it seems) Girls, the empire has officially died. It doesn't matter how many postseason games you make it to. If you can't make it past the first round, arguements are null and void. You can't say, "We made it to the postseason for X number of years." It doesn't matter. Teams with less money like the Twins, A's, and the teams still in the playoffs (excepting the Red Sox).

But for George's asshole statement of blamine Joe, fuck George. Come to think of it, fuck Cashman for not having the balls to tell George that he's full of shit for wanting overpaid and overaged players. In fact, the fact that George wants to jettison Torre, just because. That's fucking wrong. Joe Torre is still one of the best managers around. (Yes, Len. He is, and so is Willie Randolph, so fuck firing him, too.) And George won't look at who's fault it really is.

The Indians had three things. Younger players. Younger and stronger pitchers. Heart. George has none of that, including that last part. It's time to rebuild. Boss, you're too much of a fucking brat. Cashman is the only person with sense on that management staff. Your sons don't know shit. You don't know shit. So, it's time to listen to what your staff is saying. Get rid of A-Rod. Get rid of Matsui. Get rid of Jeter. Get rid of Giambi. Get in a new coaching staff to help Torre.

Yes, Jade. I said get rid of Jeter. Jeter hasn't had heart for years. He's going through the motions. The Bronx needs a reality check. If you keep arguing that he earned his status, I'll counter back, he lost it last night with that don't give a shit attitude while losing. The Yankees fans want winners. Then all of you bitches need to butch up and start cutting a lot of dead weight.

Because, I for one, want the Evil Empire back to curse at. Not this shell of an Empire that George wants to fuck around with...