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This is the archive for October 2007

Ocho Problemo?

Okay, I watched the Sunday Conversation in full involving the Johnsons and I'm sorry...I couldn't resist speaking up on this. Seriously, I just couldn't. I've been an Ocho Cinco fan for a while now, his antics humor me greatly. Simply put, he's a throwback to the days of the Playmaker, only Chad's antics are greater and funnier. They make a sport that's not supposed to be fun outside of seeing grown men slam into each other, fun to watch. From proposing to cheerleaders (which gave Ian Johnson the inspiration to do a year ago :P) to writing heartfelt letters to the No Fun League begging not to be fined, Chad's given us a ton to laugh at. So that's why I take a great deal of offense when I hear he's the reason the Bungals are fucking up this season.

Excuse me? HE is the reason? Is he missing open receivers on offense? No, that's Carson Palmer. Is he missing open tackles, not covering the receivers and making plays that they were making two seasons ago when they lead the league in turnovers forced? No, that's the total lack of defense. Is he failing in preparation from week to week, is he not doing the job he's supposed to be doing as coach? No, that's Marvin Lewis. Supposed great defensive coach who's not so great at coaching up defenses from scratch it would appear.

Bottom line here is this; all Ocho Cinco can do is him. That's it. He can't do Carson's job, he can't do the job of 11 men who are paid to stop the other team from scoring, he can't draw up X's & O's expecting 22 people on both sides of the ball to execute. All he can do is go out there, catch the ball and hope all else falls into place as it should.
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There's The Pats...And Everybody Else.

That's the conclusion I've come to after Week 6. I mean, people, it's real
simple for the remainder of this year.

The Pats are going to win the Super Bowl. Can all that "well, the Colts are still the champs and until they get knocked off..." crap, because I'm going to keep it all the way basic with all of you. The Colts got back into
last year's AFC Championship game because of two things. A) The Pats were slow on D and couldn't keep up with Indy and B) The Pats had a pack of receivers that couldn't catch a cold in the middle of flu season. Both problems have been resolved and on top of all that, there's the little
X factor that only I and Bill Simmons *read his Page 2 column to get the skinny on this* know about. The Pats are righteously PISSED and they're taking it out on EVERYONE they face. Notice a running trend developing with the way they've been winning this year? They aren't just winning, what they're doing is the equivalent of what The Million Dollar Man used to do to his foes after beating them. Put em' to sleep and stuff a bill down their throat to make em' choke on it. The absolute worst thing the NFL could've done, hell, the media too...was take an already proud, real good borderline great team and piss em' off. "Say, it's not enough to say they're cheats...let's say that they cheated to get their three Super Bowls too!" Ruh-roh. With all six of their wins this year, they've done something I haven't seen them do in ANY of their previous three Super Bowls. They've gone for the "Fuck You Bitch" scores in the 4th quarter of
games that are long since decided. They've done it every week and if it happens in Indy in about two weeks time, ya may as well have the Commish there to give Bill his 4th trophy and call it quits. They won't lose the rest of this year.

But L, what if they wrap up things early? Guess what, they've got the division locked up because everyone else is in the ground. Buffalo's lone win came against NY, NY's lone win...well, who cares? It's a done deal. They'll have their division wrapped up before we all sit down to enjoy turkey and cranberry sauce. In my lifetime, there have only been two distinct times where I've seen dominance on this level. There were the Super Bowl Shufflin' Bears and of course, the 1989 Niners. These boys aren't going to lose this season unless they choose to do it. Seriously. Moss knows he's closing in on his first ring and that's why he's playing the game like it's fun again. Because it is for him. He knows he's rolling
with the greatest QB playing the game right now and it's not going to get any better than this.
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