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This is the archive for December 2007

An Open Letter To "A. Kidd"

Dear Kidd,

How are ya? I haven't really had much rhyme or reason to really vent out at you, even though you've given me plenty of reason to since the last Eastern Conference championship you led the Nets to in 2003. Like say, when you had the worst shooting performance of your career the next year allowing the Pistons to go on and win the title against the Spurs. Since 2003, the Nets have not been back to the East Finals. As much as it might kill you to admit, the problem is that the chemistry's not right in Jersey.

The bench has not been what it was in the two seasons the Nets ruled the East. The lineup while more talented than before, has not had that little something the two title squads had. In some ways, one could argue *and I quietly wonder why this hasn't been mentioned more* you did a lot more with a whole lot LESS. I bought the issue of Slam Magazine some five years ago which proclaimed the Nets, "The Best TEAM In The World". That team didn't have stars, it had players who simply wanted to play and knew their roles. This team doesn't have the heart those teams had, nor the desire to compete. And for the first time in a seriously long while, I'm wondering if you have the same problem. Look, in case nobody's told you, the grass isn't exactly greener on the James side of the fence. Even IF Cleveland had enough pieces to make Rod pick up the phone and listen,
what makes you think that you can get someone whose heart tends to go mush in the crunch back to the Finals? If you go to Los Angeles and team with Kobe, guess what? You're still not going to be strong enough to take down the likes of San Antonio, Phoenix and Dallas all of whom have point guard matchups that would exploit your age and inability to play defense.