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This is the archive for December 2007

Jade's Fight Night--HBO PPV, Mayweather/Hatton

As I mentioned in my last PPV review, I hate Shane Mosley.

Multiply that by ten thousand, and that’s how much I hate Floyd Mayweather.

Yes, Floyd Mayweather is pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world right now, if not for all time, but he is also one of the worst fighters to watch when he’s in the ring. If it wasn’t for the amount of hype HBO puts out for his matches, I doubt anyone would bother to shell out the bucks to watch him.

Outside the ring, Floyd is a master showman; he knows how to work a crowd, he knows how to play up a fight, he knows how to promote himself to make people watch him. Unfortunately, all that ends the minute Floyd sets foot INSIDE the ring. Technically, he’s got blistering speed and he’s an effective counter-puncher, but these days, his style is more defense-based than offense-based. Even though he has 24 KOs to his credit, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen him actually knock somebody out. He prefers instead to go the distance with his opponents, relying on his speed and counter-punching to get him the win and only putting forth a minimum of offense…when he’s not taking entire rounds off when he decides he needs a break. I don’t know if he thinks a longer fight is somehow more entertaining or if he’s so damn lazy he can’t be bothered to actually make an effort. Either way, a Floyd match is usually a snooze-fest. I respect the talent he has, but the fact that he doesn’t use that talent to its full potential (especially when I’m paying good money to see him use that talent to its full potential) annoys the hell out of me.

Tonight, however, Floyd Mayweather is up against Ricky Hatton, another undefeated fighter who not only can match, if not beat, Floyd in the speed department, but whose style of fighting is of the come-at-you-with-everything-he’s-got-all-night-long brand, which will certainly put Floyd’s counter-punching skills to the test. If anyone on this earth stands a chance of knocking “Pretty Boy” Floyd on his ass and off his high horse, it’s Hatton. Ron’s more of a Hatton fan than I am, but if Ricky Hatton can get the job done, I’ll love him longtime.

All that having been said, let’s go to the card…