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This is the archive for November 2007

An Open Letter To Omar Minaya

Dear Omar,

As a Mets fan, allow me to echo the sentiment of Red Sox Nation who said it best after Game 4 of the World Series...


I get that the appeal to sign an overrated, glorified diva such as himself is an appealing one. I mean, you've got a new stadium you're moving in to within the next two years and all...but why? Why do it? Why make a move like this when there are others to be made and others that NEED to be made. Like, say for instance, getting another reliable arm to fill out the rotation. Or maybe getting some type of bullpen help and a possible replacement for Wags, who clearly wilted at key points a year ago. Seriously, I heard David Wright on Mike & Mike this morning and I know they're all going to say the right things just cause they have to...but I'm going to be extremely LIVID if I wake up one morning or come home from work to find out A-Rod's a Met next year. I swear on all
I love, if A-Rod's a Met next year, I'm not a fan of this team. I'm dead serious. I refuse to back a team that's willing to forsake winning just to get some putz who's going to fade away when the team needs him the most. There's nothing that can justify him being signed to this team that will make me 'okay' with this move happening. Anyway, if you want to get a big name to Queens, here's a suggestion.

I hear that some guy in Minnesota named Johan's has an arm and is trying to get a ring on his hand. He's willing to pitch in October and is definitely tired of losing. Ya might wanna make that team an offer so we can get him alongside Pedro and J-Maine.


Len Corleone
President of the Can Coughlin Coalition