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This is the archive for November 2007

Pay For You.

Ya know, I figured I'd switch it up a bit here. Rather than get all ranty and what not, I'd write a song to commemorate jilted A-Fraud and the most storied contradiction...err, franchise reuniting. So set to the beat of the Jodeci ballad "Cry For You", Len Corleone presents...Pay For You.

With you A-Fraud,
We've been worthless...
We may never win again...

Its been a month since you been gone,
And that's too long,
So come back home,
We won't win with you...
But we will pay you...
We will do what we can,
To have that bat in your nonachieving hand,
We're sorry we renounced you,
But we will pay you,

Gimme that bridge...

You know we'll never win with you,
Ooh yeah,
And yet we'll overpay you,
We will pay you anything,
We're on our knees for you,
Ooh baby,
What did you think we'd do,
We don't know, we don't know
But we'll pay


A-Fraud we, will pay for you today
*Insert K-Ci's crying here over the sound of Yankee fans moaning*
A-Fraud we, will pay for you today

Second verse!!!

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Wit and wisdom to live by

Compliments of The Despair, Inc. Blog:

So true, so very true.