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This is the archive for November 2007

Who Wants To Be A National Champion?

No really, who does, because this is starting to get really ridiculous now.

#1 Ohio State two weeks ago were dropped when all they had to do was win out and they're going to New Orleans. They lost to the Zookster and were thought to be on life support, needing something short of a flat out miracle to change their flight plan from Pasadena to the Bayou. Guess miracles are in something of a high demand, because here's what's gone down since then...

- Then #2 Oregon loses Dennis Dixon for the year, then goes on to lose to the Swarm out in the Desert. Oh and in case any of you ADs are the least bit interested *Nebraska & A&M, ya might wanna take notice*, they have a Stoops of their own down there causing all kinds of chaos. Especially against Top 10 foes.

What? Not enough chaos for ya? It gets better.

- #6 Arizona State's in prime position to simply win out and hope for a few things to go wrong to cap off their nice run. Apparently, USC didn't get the memo that their title hopes are dashed and they are who we thought they were. So while most of you were downing your turkey and stuffing, they were stuffing Rudy Carpenter and making the Devils bow down to the Trojans. Guess nobody wants to be Pac-10 champ either.'s the kicker that has me livid as an anti-Buckeye.

- #1 LSU loses in triple OT AT HOME. It's funny to mention now, but I had a column I never finished shortly after the New Ball Coach beat The Sabinator a month ago. Looks like I won't have to worry about finishing it now, same way Les won't have national champion to put on top of his resume when he interviews *and if he has a clue, accepts* the Michigan job.

So now, common sense states the Border War survivor will become for the first time in its school's history the #1 team in the land as they head for a showdown against Oklahoma which did its part last week getting flat smushed by Tee Tech. Loser can take solace in the fact that this late into the year, we actually gave a crap that they played on a Saturday night and we didn't sleep through it as they await their BCS bid. West Virginia's the logical #2, but only if they can handle UConn, yet another school who didn't get the 'you are a basketball program' memo that just so happened to miss Kansas and Mizzou this year as well. So now folks in Ohio are still clinging to the hope that OSU might take their overrated asses down to the N.O. for yet ANOTHER national championship game. BAH. Why can't we throw Colt Brennan in this mix?! They're unbeaten. They haven't lost. :P Shouldn't they have an opportunity to take the crystal football down to the Aloha State? I'm calling play-cism. Play-cism damnit!

Oh, your tears are so delicious, Kirby Freeman!

I wrote about this over at the Flektor Development Blog, but the video itself is way, way too good not to share here.

I DO feel bad for the kid, despite the fact he's a Hurricane player (and probably a real scumbag), but at least he does have that one big touchdown pass to feel good about. It's not like they've got someone else they can put in his palce right now, either, so he's going to keep the starting job for awhile. Maybe he'll do better next game; crazier things have happened.

Still, it's a good thing I wasn't watching this game, because I probably would've wet myself laughing a la Nelson Muntz at Kirby Freeman's misfortune. And also I would've been laughing at the fact that he was named after a Nintendo ghost and the grandfather from The Boondocks, but that would've given me a chuckle anyway.

"Loser" has never been used more appropriately.