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This is the archive for November 2009

Don't B(SU) Scurred...It's Only Boise State.

It is official...Boise State's a legitimate power.

No, screw this whole "Boise State's the Gonzaga of the BCS" shit. We're past that. Oh wait, I need to rewind a smidge. Why am I writing all of this about a team that even if it runs the table ala OU last year, they won't get a BCS Title game appearance or even (feasibly) a BCS Bowl game in spite of winning every time it has gotten the call? Because of what Boise State AD did that nobody's taking him up on.

Okay, you're Boise State. You're a perennial power who has emerged as a school with more than just Blue Turf. You're putting up points like no one's business, you won the Orange Bowl a few years ago with the Statue Of Liberty. Yes, they won a bowl game beating one of the most storied programs in FBS history with a GIMMICK PLAY!!! Since then, aside from Utah, they've been consistently cracking the BCS Circle Jerk and knocking off whomever's in front of them. Earlier this year, they put the wood to possible Pac-10 Champion Oregon. A loss that hit one of the Ducks so hard, he felt the need to deck a BSU player in the jaw after the fact. So, with next year's non-conference schedule filled in with dates against Oregon State and Virginia Tech (yes, Beamer Ball against Blue Ball, bet this won't be on ESPN next year :P)...2011's wide open. So, Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier has basically laid down this edict to any school within the 50 states.

Schedule us and we'll come to you. You don't have to come to Boise in 2012, we come to you in 2011.