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This is the archive for November 2009

The Nets, Pink Slips & Handicapping Things

Much to discuss, isn't there? Guess the best place would be the Nets.

On my personal sports blog on, I wrote that there's a difference between "suck" and "bad" when talking sports teams. Take the Browns for instance. They're unmitigated SUCK. I mean, you look at that roster and there's nothing about it which has you thinking a year from now, they'll be a playoff team. Even IF they contracted the other 29 teams and replaced them with CFL teams. Case in point, they lost last weekend to the Detroit Lions in what should've been a winnable game for the Browns. They scored 37 points and still figured out how to give up 38. Also note, the Lions are a "bad" team. They don't suck.

Brother Ochocinco, Order of the Rose

Chad Ocho-Snuggie

Yes, that's Ocho Cinco in a Snuggie. He bought it on Black Friday, when it was only $5. Great (comedic) value!

Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No

A Special Message from Bud Adams

This is quite possibly the funniest viral video clip I've seen in ages. Thanks for all the comedy, Bud Adams. You're the most entertaining 800-year-old AFL founder ever.

The best part of this whole thing? Bud Adams spent most of the game sitting next to Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner. Think maybe Bud was sending him a message in the fourth-quarter after Roger had left the luxury box? Or maybe this is some long-standing feud with 91-year-old Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo/Toronto Bills. I kind of like that idea. I'd love to see a sitcom with Bud Adams and Ralph Wilson redoing Grumpy Old Men, except with millions of dollars to throw around and NFL franchises.

The NFC Side Of Things Plus SB Picks (2 of 2)

Alright, I'm going to start this off with a rant and then go on into the rest of this here thingy. The Giants. Yes, I picked them to win the NFC East. Yeah, I had them all but set to win the NFC just ONE MONTH AGO. But then, the Saints marched all over them in New Orleans. Okay, one loss, had to happen eventually. Then, came the Cards doing their thing in Jersey. 5-2. Still in first but the margin for error's getting slim. No matter, Eagles coming to town and they got theirs coming. Yeah, Philly did. 40-17. No, I'm not sure if that can of ass whippin' came complete with a Philly Cheese Steak. So last night, I sit down in the basement watching the end of the Chargers/Giants game and well...I about lost it. All of a sudden, I felt like 2006 all over again and I just wanted Coughlin gone. I'm sitting here watching Phillip Rivers have all the time in the world to find receivers, then watching moments later as Shawne Merriman comes rushing off the edge like he was heading for Tila Tequila. Then I ask...

At The Not Quite Turkey Day Mark (NFL Breakdown 1 of 2)

Well, here we are. Just hours away from the battle in Denver, with the Super Bowl Champion Steelers travelling to the Broncos. Before this, I'm more or less inclined to seperate the "game from the truth". Basically let you in on the teams you need to watch and those teams which well, are gonna be running hellafied game from now until the end of next month. But before I go there, let me check on my picks and see how each are doing respectively...

Don't B(SU) Scurred...It's Only Boise State.

It is official...Boise State's a legitimate power.

No, screw this whole "Boise State's the Gonzaga of the BCS" shit. We're past that. Oh wait, I need to rewind a smidge. Why am I writing all of this about a team that even if it runs the table ala OU last year, they won't get a BCS Title game appearance or even (feasibly) a BCS Bowl game in spite of winning every time it has gotten the call? Because of what Boise State AD did that nobody's taking him up on.

Okay, you're Boise State. You're a perennial power who has emerged as a school with more than just Blue Turf. You're putting up points like no one's business, you won the Orange Bowl a few years ago with the Statue Of Liberty. Yes, they won a bowl game beating one of the most storied programs in FBS history with a GIMMICK PLAY!!! Since then, aside from Utah, they've been consistently cracking the BCS Circle Jerk and knocking off whomever's in front of them. Earlier this year, they put the wood to possible Pac-10 Champion Oregon. A loss that hit one of the Ducks so hard, he felt the need to deck a BSU player in the jaw after the fact. So, with next year's non-conference schedule filled in with dates against Oregon State and Virginia Tech (yes, Beamer Ball against Blue Ball, bet this won't be on ESPN next year :P)...2011's wide open. So, Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier has basically laid down this edict to any school within the 50 states.

Schedule us and we'll come to you. You don't have to come to Boise in 2012, we come to you in 2011.