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Change Of Seasons Mean One Thing...

Well, it's September, so you know what time it is...

Goldie Hawn: Football.

Yes, it's the LeGarrette Blount Edition of my Football Preview and I say his name because it's gonna hit you smack in your jaw and drop ya. :) I like that, I think I'm going with that for my basketball preview in a month (which I'm drooling over typing in advance, but also dreading because it'll mean I'm a month away from Winter, which blows). Alright, since Blount went all Tyson with poor Bryce being Bitch Green, let's go College first. Firstly, let me point out how much I absolutely LOVE the love Rutgers is getting in print as possible Big East Champions this year. (Give me 72 hours max before I'm flat out cursing it, depends on what they do Labor Day afternoon against Cincy, the only other Big East school that has troubled RU since its rise a few years ago.) I know that nobody other than myself and those in Piscataway even cares about the Big East, so I won't cover that here. I will get to the other conferences in order of not just importance, but who I feel will probably stand the best shot of dethroning the Gators in January.

Big XII Champions: Texas
- Make no mistake about it, this is the only conference where a mid-season showdown will actually trump the Conference Championship game itself. The Red River Showdown in a month's time, will determine the Big XII Champion provided the BCS doesn't hand it over to Oklahoma again on a NCAA 09ish technicality. I don't know what it is with this conference and the BCS as a whole, but I thought the whole Nebraska thing back in the 2001/02 year was the absolute worst travesty of justice I had seen.

I stand corrected. Last year, Oklahoma went absolutely apeshit after its Texas loss, averaging a margin of victory I'm used to seeing in video games on anyone in their path, including Texas Tech which beat Texas by a point or so in Lubbock. This year, I think McCoy and the Horns will show history repeates itself in a big time way. I like Texas to beat Oklahoma at The House That Jerry's Billions Built and I don't see anyone else along the way really slowing up Texas's march towards a Big XII title, sans a showdown with the O-Kay State.

SEC Champions: Hmmm...
- Florida will not cross paths this year with either Alabama or Ole Miss until the title game itself. Ole Miss has virtually every major test in conference within the friendly confines of Oxford. Last time this team was ranked within the Top 10, they had Deuce McAllister in their backfield. Alabama's season may all but be done, by midnight tonight if they lose to Va Tech (I don't see how they recover from that, their conference schedule is absolutely Baghdad Brutal). Most are going with Ole Miss, because their schedule is absolutely favorable aside from LSU and Bama rolling into their neck of the woods. (Seriously, I'm shocked I don't have frosting dripping off the screen looking at this thing.) LSU's schedule is full of fun filled trips Between The Hedges (only they return home a week later to have the National Champions waiting on them...night game in the Bayou, ooooooo WHEEEE!!!), Tuscaloosa and Oxford. Their non-conference schedule is a laugher, but when your conference is the SEC...does anyone really fault you for eating up cupcakes while you can? I honestly, don't know how to call this one. I know conventional wisdom says to go with Florida, but I'm not sure. I mean, their schedule looks simple enough. Other than a trip to Baton Rogue on a Saturday night, I don't know who's going to shock or even stop them. I'm not even sure if my boys can stand up to em' at the end of the year and I absolutely HATE Florida, but I do respect their conglomerate.

Give me 72 hours to ponder this one.

Pac-10 Champions: USC
- They are back. They are angry. They want their crown, which has spent more time down South than the average tourist for Freaknik and Mardi Gras combined, back on the Left Coast. They want you to remember that they run this conference and that their slips against the likes of Oregon State and Stanford in previous years have been just that...slips. They're still the big dogs that run this conference and I fully believe that with one punch, Oregon took themselves out of the equation in conference. I don't see Cal being a big threat and Oregon State's gotta travel to Los Angeles this season. Good luck catching lightning in a bottle twice. I fully believe, that IF USC can get out of Columbus with a win and avoid their yearly slip in some obscure Pac-10 town...USC will be waiting on whoever survives the Big XII/SEC clusterfuck.

Big Ten Champions: Penn State
- Perhaps I'm being biased, perhaps I'm just sick of Overrated State, but ya know what? When you're struggling to beat a Service Academy AT HOME...something's just wrong with you. At some point, you have to admit that the only reason anyone pays attention to you is because of the name and name ALONE. I like Penn State. I'm simply not sold on Pryor, not as much as I am Clark. Rather, I buy Clark as a big time man moreso than I do Pryor. I think Penn State's loaded, or loaded enough to make a legitimate run at another Big Ten Championship. Plus, with Overrated State coming to Happy Valley, I'm inclined to go with White Noise holding off the Sucks.

Atlantic Coast Conference Champions: Virginia Tech
- Eh...I dunno. I mean, do these guys like, lose in conference anymore? While I'm praying to the Football Gods that FSU can recapture its glory, I won't hold my breath waiting on it. I think the Hokes are the best team in the place, in spite of what they may or may not do in Tuscaloosa in a few hours time, I don't know who will come remotely close to them.

National Champion: ???
I'm going to make ya'll wait 72 hours for it. I'll be ready to roll with the second half of my preview, time to lock in on the pros next.
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