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Florida PWNS Ohio State.

As the lovely Jaime Sue told me over IM, the best way to state this game in plain terms.

Jaime Sue: Since you pretty much own the rights to summarizing the game on SB. You should start it off with how Ohio State started it off right by returning the opening kick-off for a touchdown. And that was the only thing they did right tonight.

Rich Brown: Actually the only thing they did right was showing up without tripping on the field

Rich Brown: After that, it went to hell

As she said, tOSU started good with an opening touchdown. Hell, they even got another touchdown along the way. Then the Florida defense played tighter than the jaw of the mentioned 'gator. In other words, Troy Smith saw the Arizona sky most of the night. Ted Ginn, Jr. saw the sideline on crutches after the 1st Quarter.

In other words, if you were a Buckeyes fan tonight, I'll send some Kleenexes later. Seems the Faustian deal you folks made for tOSU to dominate... It didn't work, guys. Much like Angels in the Outfield, that stuff has to be won on your own with no real spiritual or otherwise help.

The SEC showed why it's still the toughest fucking college conference around. I'm sure the Critic would argue that, but it's not going to be a convincing one at the moment.

So, for posterity, there's no real need to do the blow by blow. ESPN can give you that. If you want accuracy, go to MSNBC, really.

The score.

Florida - 41
tOSU - 14

Expect a cute girl in a Gator shirt soon.
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Somewhere Steve Irwin is going, "Crikey! 'Aow abaout them Gators?" ;)

Posted by Jade at 01/09/07 00:51:24

Too bad I didn't put money down on the game. LOL. Because I would have been right about it.

Posted by Jaime Sue at 01/09/07 01:01:00

the Overrated State University really showed up tonight. Troy Smith was probably the third best quarterback on the field today.

How about that vaunted Big 10, toughest conference in America? What a fucking crock.

Posted by Ron at 01/09/07 01:16:21

Here's the telling stat of the bowl season for me personally...

Negative Ten- 2-5
Big Beasts- 5-0

To quote Denzel from Training Day...

"Yeah, I rest MY case."
And the SEC is and forever has been, the toughest conference in football. I have a rant to finish from earlier this morning.

Posted by Len at 01/09/07 15:56:59

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